Have you ever noticed how quiet Social Security is? You turn 65, they sign you up and thereafter you get a check in your bank account every month the rest of your life. Democrats built that and, with a few adjustments, want to keep it as it is now.

Republicans don’t care much for Social Security. They would privatize it and create an account for you. You would contribute to it for all your working life. Then things would get very busy. You would have to study the stock market and/or the many mutual funds and invest in them. Or have someone else do that for you, hoping he is adequate. All your life you would continue to work at keeping the fund intact and growing, and hope for no downturns.

The Democrats built Medicare as well, and they would keep it as it is with modest improvements. The Republicans dislike Medicare. They would change it to voucher care. You would pick one of the endless insurance companies, get a voucher to pay them for your needs and hope that it would be sufficient. In addition, it’s possible you might be told they pay for that, but not for this. If younger workers opt out with no contributions, it wouldn’t be long before it would go broke. Some say about four years.

Now comes the Affordable Care Act, or Obamacare. It is already helping many millions, and tens of millions more when it comes to full fruition in 2014. It is the greatest uplift to the middle class since the G.I. Bill after World War II. Democrats built that, and will improve it over the years, maybe with a public option. Republicans hate Obamacare and want to repeal it. With their track record, I take that to be an endorsement.

How will you vote?

Richard J. McCoy

Mount Vernon


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