Last week a Green Bay Packers fan, during a moment of silence for victims of the Paris shootings, shouted "Muslims suck!" Aaron Rodgers, the Green Bay quarterback, publicly denounced that behavior.

“Demagogue” — It’s a highfalutin' description of someone who tries to win support by exciting people's emotions rather than by having good ideas.

I recently read in your pages that “charity shouldn’t come at the expense of national security,” in reference to the Syrian refugee crisis. As a longtime immigration attorney, I know this is not a valid concern.

In 2010, the U.S. Supreme Court ruled in favor of Citizens United, declaring that corporations have the same rights as individuals and that money to pay for political ads is speech, a freedom guaranteed by the Constitution. The ruling resulted in the creation of Super PACs, which allow corpo…

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Unless you are a Native American, you are from immigrants who came to America, land of the free, a democracy where citizens can vote and have a voice, where freedom of religion is in the First Amendment to the Constitution.

I did not vote for Gov. Jay Inslee, but I cannot express enough appreciation for his stance on accepting refugees in Washington state.

I have watched all three of the Republican debates. I feel mentally humbled and exhausted by the exertion, but I have some observations:

It is that time of year that we take time to express our thanksgiving. Traditionally, many of us gather together with our family and friends to celebrate our gratitude to God for the blessings he has given us. It is also a time when we reach out to share our abundance with those who are less…

Islam is not the enemy, but the enemy is within Islam. The author of this observation provided us with a critical insight, one that has eluded political leaders from Bush 43 to Obama, and now ​his would-be successor. Hillary Clinton's recent assertion that "Muslims have... absolutely nothing…

Our commander in chief was off to the Philippines to promote American values, while a few days ago in Turkey during a moment of silence at a soccer game honoring French victims of ISIS, "Allahu Akbar" was shouted with glee. We know who the terrorists are.

I have some questions for our Washington state "Progressive-in-Chief" Gov. Inslee; his D.C. mentor, Obama; and Patty, Maria and, locally, Rick. These questions concern the pell-mell rush to bring Middle East refugees to our country and state, and spend the billions that effort will take to do so.

“The other Washington” can sometimes seem far away from our corner of the lower 48. However, decisions in the nation’s capitol have a huge impact on our lives, right down to the very parks in our town. Indecision has a big impact, as well.

When people can’t feel safe anywhere without a gun in this, the most freedom-loving democracy money can buy, something’s totally wrong.

Recent writers glorify our Founding Fathers as if 16th century disciples of Christ, while their Republican leaders incite knee-jerk hysteria to win votes and slam shut our borders to refugees fleeing the same religious zealots the U.S., France and others are now bombing into obliteration in Syria.

Like other parents and grandparents, I want to make sure that Skagit County has the finest emergency medical services and qualified responders available should our loved ones, heaven forbid, ever need them.

Far-reaching implications are being confronted by local governments, tribes, organizations and individuals who oppose the Wild Steelhead Gene Bank designation for the Skagit River. We must prevail.

A recent Skagit Valley Herald front-page story told how a young immigrant girl, whose dream was to become a teacher, had learned English as a second language, graduated from Burlington-Edison High School and then attended college after winning a Skagit Valley College scholarship.

After watching the spectacle misnamed debates of those vying to be the Republican candidate for president, I want to thank both of Mount Vernon's mayoral candidates in the last election for their dignified example of how campaigning should be done.

I honestly believe we are in World War III. Sure, it’s an undeclared war, just like Vietnam was called a “military action” by Congress in the '60s and early '70s, but it was/is still a war nonetheless.

Monday and Tuesday last week there were front-page articles in the Skagit Valley Herald dealing with "climate change." The president has said "climate change" is the most important problem we need to deal with.

It was interesting to read in Sunday's edition side-by-side articles concerning two different studies (crossings/bridges) involving both Skagit Valley and the BNSF Railway.

Our world is in a crisis mode because the force of evil in the hearts and minds of people is being unleashed by a philosophy and a religion of "killing the infidels." How long will our nation delay destroying the cancerous radicals?

I see that Donald Trump is finally showing his true colors, which is something I said would happen a long time back. I was amused to read in Saturday's paper that the writer for the AP stated that Trump brushed "aside any recent claims of civility." Let's get real here for a minute. Trump co…

I appreciated Chief Deputy Chad Clark’s recent timely reminders in his column regarding safe winter season driving for motorized vehicles. It is very important to remind us all of the safety measures we need to observe in this season of increasing darkness and wet roads.

The police killing of a 6-year-old autistic child strapped in the front seat of his father’s car is only the latest in a barrage of shootings by overzealous cops.

What is it that encourages and invites a youth to seek and consider a meaningful relationship with others desiring to serve, and be willing to offer themselves in gratitude, honor and as a duty in knowledge of those who have trekked this path before.

No one likes to think about death and dying, but it’s something everyone has to face eventually. There’s an incredible resource in our community that provides comfort, dignity and respect to all those coping with a serious or life-limiting illness. It’s Hospice of the Northwest.

Having just turned 19 and knowing that we were prime candidates for the draft, my buddy Les and I decided to join the Air Force, and after some tests and a physical exam, we were scheduled to leave the next day for Lackland Air Force Base.

A trend has been set. “Gotcha” questions by debate moderators may no longer have to be answered.

Regardless of the outcome of this election, as a Mount Vernon Police Department employee of 28 years, I’d like to commend Mayor Jill Boudreau on the courage demonstrated during her term as mayor, particularly these past several months.