ANACORTES — Residents here joined people across the nation Saturday in speaking out for justice after a black man died in police custody last week in Minnesota. George Floyd's death made national news and re-ignited the "Black Lives Matter" movement.

While most of the protest here was peaceful, as 80 or more residents held handmade signs and waved at passersby on Commercial Avenue, an incident at the end resulted in minor injuries and the possiblity of criminal charges.

In the last five minutes of the demonstration, about one-third of the protesters blocked the busiest intersection in town in front of the Safeway store.

Police Sgt. Terrence Clifford said officers were called to respond to a large group of people blocking the street, but soon found a woman had been injured.

He said the investigation indicates that a man driving on Commercial Avenue attempted to drive down the street though people were blocking his vehicle.

"He was inching forward, ... and in the process, a female that was in front of the car was knocked over," Clifford said.

Nick Rennis, who was among the protesters, said he and others helped the woman get up.

“Because the pavement was slick, (the car) knocked her feet out from under her, so she planked and hit the ground," he said.

There were no apparent serious injuries, but Clifford said the investigation continues. Criminal charges could result, though he did not provide more information.

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I was at the protest- and the vehicle was not "inching forward" as quoted by the police officer Clifford. The car was driving at about 10 mph. The police arrived minutes after the car drove through the crowd. Quoting a police officer describing a second hand story is not accurate.


Being dumb enuf to stand in the middle of the street without having the right of way is stupid. That is accurate.

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