Cardiac rehab services opened back up at Island Hospital this week, and the hospital’s walk-in clinic is expected to open June 22.

The two departments at the hospital are the last to reopen their doors since the hospital got the go-ahead to start seeing nonessential patients May 18.

The cardiac rehab center reopened Monday. The space is small and people are breathing hard, so extra safety precautions have been put in place, hospital Interim COO Ann Raish said.

Everyone coming to the rehab center will be tested for COVID-19, and occupancy will remain limited at 50%.

“That’s the best we’ll be able to do at this time,” she said.

The walk-in clinic is scheduled to open June 22. It is in the same building as the hospital’s respiratory clinic and will have the same staff member managing both sides.

All other services continue to grow, she said.

Primacy care and oncology are expected to be back to 100% by next month, and gynecology, surgery, colonoscopies, cardiac diagnostic imaging, physical therapy, wound care and the Sleep Center are expected to be at 75% or more.

The hospital will continue existing safety measures, including temperature and symptom checks at all entrances and masks required.

“We will reassess that in July and see what’s happening,” Raish said.

People must stay vigilant about wearing masks and keeping safe, hospital CEO Charles Hall said.

“We are going to be living with COVID for about a year, if not a lot longer than that,” he said.

Visitor restrictions have eased at the hospital, though.

In primary care and specialty clinics, one support person is permitted for visits, with two support people for newborn and pediatric visits. One support person is available per visit to the diagnostic imaging, labs and therapy, too, with one support person per day able to visit inpatients. One person is allowed for laboring moms (this is not a change) and two are permitted for those facing end-of-life.

One support person is allowed per emergency department visitors and one is support person can help with check-in and discharge for surgical patients.

Waiting rooms are not open, so people waiting must wait in their cars or elsewhere and will be updated by phone.

The hospital meeting was the last for Raish, who is stepping down from her temporary position.

Hospital CFO Elise Cutter was recently promoted to the COO position, and a search is ongoing for Cutter’s replacement as CFO.

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