Lundsten for county


I am voting for Mark Lundsten because of his strong support for the environment and his ability to forge win-win solutions.

Mark’s concern for the environment was apparent in his support for passing protections for the March Point Great Blue Heronry, the largest such nesting site for the iconic birds on the West Coast. These protections were endorsed by the Washington Fish and Game Department and the Skagit Land Trust, and it is ironic, and unconscionable, that Mark’s colleagues on the Skagit Planning Commission refused to support them.

During the 27 years he was involved in Alaskan fisheries, Mark also undertook efforts that ensured that short-tailed albatross were not a by-catch product of fishing. He was instrumental in designing the Halibut/Sablefish Individual Fisherman’s Quota program. This program involved long negotiations with numerous parties, and the successful solution remains in place today.

Listening skills are important — and Mark certainly has them — but so is the ability to act on what you hear. Mark has demonstrated that he is both a listener and a doer. Join me in voting for Mark Lundsten for county commissioner.

Susan Rooks



Voting with purpose

Today I am voting. I am voting for tolerance, not bigotry; for thoughtfulness, not carelessness; for decency, not crudeness; for efficiency, not incompetency; for experience, not amateurishness; for astuteness, not obtuseness; for empathy, not indifference; for tolerance, not bias; and for love, not hate.

Sylvia Maxson


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