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March 26, 1970 — SPRING AND EASTER ARRIVE IN ANACORTES — Many people feel that this is the time of the Easter bunnies but the American camera felt the newly arrived lambs on March’s point was timely. Tom Linvog, a sophomore at Anacortes High School, has been a busy herder the last few weeks when the arrival of nine new lambs increased the size of his flock. Out doing the feeding chores is his uncle Rob Evansm son of Mr. and Mrs. Robert Evans.

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March 25, 1920

Hundreds of thousands of cubic yards of dirt and gravel will be moved this summer by the Great Northern Railway to meet at a cheaper rate the enormously increasing railway business into and from this city, in the reduction of grades that will double and treble the tonnage capacity of the locomotives hauling freight and logging trains into and out of Anacortes, and the cost will be as enormous as the amount of material handled, but the saving capitalized will in a few years meet the cost and thenceforth will pay a handsome profit.

March 27, 1930

The market for Puget Sound shingles remains unchanged and not encouraging, but the Burns Shingle Co. plant, idle for a week, resumed operation today, the big Corbett Mill Co. plant is running two shifts and the two Edison Shingle Co. mills in Anacortes, shut down the past week, are booked to resume full operation next Monday morning, it was reported today.

March 28, 1940

One of the largest classes to graduate from the Anacortes Senior High school in the past decade will file thru the doors for the last time on Friday evening, May 31, when eighty-eight seniors will bid adieu to their alma mater in graduation exercises to be held in the gymnasium-auditorium of the high school.

For the first time in the history of the school the graduating class will be attired in caps and gowns at the commencement and the baccalaureate services, rather than in formal dress and spring outfits. This decision was made by the graduating seniors and their parents after ballots were used that required the signatures of the parents to be valid. Over 77 percent voted for the caps and gowns which will be blue in color and in contrast to the white of the boys’ shirts and the white of the girls’ collars.

March 24, 1960

City Manager Archie French today reviewed the LID method of street paving and discussed the city’s first modern street job under the proposal.

His release outlines from beginning to end the hows, whys and wherefores of the state-regulated procedure.

“It is a recognized fact LID method of street improvement is the most economical and practical system in use today. It has been widely accepted, and almost every city in the nation constructs nearly all of their street improvements by the method.”

March 26, 1970

One of the key issues on the ballot in Anacortes April 7 will be whether to retain the present city manager-council plan of government or switch back to the mayor-council form.

At present two committees within the community are driving extra hard as election time draws near to tell its story on the issue.

In trying to bring the people up to date on the thinking of both groups, the American interviewed Bill Lowman, Co-Chairman of the “Committee for Better City Government” and received a statement from the “Committee for the Council-Manager Government.”

March 26, 1980

Unionized workers at the Shell refinery were back on the job Tuesday, but their counterparts at Texaco remained on the picket line as their 11-week-old strike continued.

Shell operating employees returned to work Sunday, followed by maintenance and crafts workers Monday, after Local 1-591 of the Oil, Chemical and Atomic Workers International Union accepted the company’s contract offer Saturday evening.

The new two-year contract gives the 210 Shell union members increases in wages, medical and dental benefits and vacation terms, according to company spokesman Bob Getts. The contract guarantees a 5 percent wage increase plus 52 cents an hour for 1980, Getts said, with a 10.5 percent increase in 1981.

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