Looking Back – Oct. 28, 2020

Oct. 29, 1970 – WITCHES, PUMPKINS TO REIGN SATURDAY – Jeni Troxel looks into the mythical, magical “Great Pumpkin” as if it will tell her what the future will bring. One thing for sure, Halloween always brings witches, pumpkins, ghosts and treats. Police Chief Pete Dragovich caution all motorists to watch for little “goblins,” and to drive carefully. Jeni’s picture was taken during a combination Investitue and Halloween Party from Brownie Troops Nos. 1175 and 1005 at Fidalgo School Monday.

Oct. 28, 1920

The steamship Apex of the Wilson Fisheries came in from Ketchikan Sunday evening, with a big consignment of canned salmon, twenty-two thousand cases, which were unloaded here at Apex cannery. The boat left this port Tuesday evening for Seattle, from which port she will sail again for the far north. She will only make one more trip to Alaska this fall, this time going as far north as Port Walter, where Howard Wakefield and his bride go for the winter, where he will be in charge of the plant. The boat will return here for the winter. 


Oct. 30, 1930 

Hallowe’en approaches and Chief of police Al Sellenthin sends out his annual appeal to the young people of Anacortes to show that Anacortes is the cleanest and best behaved town in the Northwest the morning after. Through the co-operation of the schools, churches, boy scouts and home, Anacortes can boast of this accomplishment.

“We want a clean Hallowe’en again this year” said Chief Sellenthin. “I know that the young people will co-operate with me in keeping the city clean. The young folks can have a good time and yet be sensible about the matter.”


Oct. 31, 1940

Thirteen permits for building and building repairs were taken out during the month of October with the city department of building registrations, calling for expenditures of $3,720.

Permits issued called for twelve repairs of various sizes and expense and for one new home to be built at 14th and K avenue.


Oct. 26, 1950

The city of Anacortes moved into action last week to acquaint the public with purpose of the local 20 mil school levy and school referendum 7, 8, 9 and 10. … The service club and private individuals of Anacortes are working at full capacities to acquaint the public with all the particulars of the school bond issues facing the voting public, Tuesday, November 7th.


Oct. 27, 1960

Mail volume in the Anacortes area contributed to a new national record of nearly 64 billion pieces of parcel post, during fiscal year 1960 ending last June 30, Postmaster Gus Dalstead said today.

Based on advance information from the annual report of the department which has been made available to Dalstead, it was revealed that the present day figures represented an increase of 25 per cent over the 1953 volume which totaled 50.9 billion pieces.


Oct. 29, 1970 

Anacortes area voter have a number of important decisions to make when they go to the polls next Tuesday in the state election.

The election ballot this year contains eight initiative, referendums and resolution and the usual complement of candidates for public office.


Oct. 29, 1980 

Plans for a mobile home park near Heart Lake have been shelved following Anacortes Planning Commission rejection of the proposal last week.

At an Oct. 21 meeting, the commission recommended against a zone change which would have allowed development of the 188-lot “Cedar Grove” park, and in the same meeting postponed a decision on a separate 105-lot mobile home park near the Anacortes Airport.


Oct.31, 1990

Growth management, sewers and transit will be the headliners when Anacortes and the rest of Skagit County go to the ballot boxes next Tuesday, Nov. 6.

Polls will be open from 7 a.m. until 8 p.m. Auditor Jerry McInturff said he predicted turnout will be between 62 and 65 percent.

Anything more than 70 percent would be “outstanding,” he said.

“We’re still well above the state average,” he said. “We typically run anywhere from 8 to 10 percent above the state average.”

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