0324 city budget adjustment

The Anacortes City Council has adjusted the budgets of several projects to meet actual or additional costs.

The City Council approved on Monday a $20,752 increase in PNW Civil Inc.’s contract for site work for the new restroom building at The Depot Arts and Community Center, 611 R Ave. The increase covers the cost of drainage improvements and additional irrigation and topsoil required in a revised landscaping plan. PNW Civil Inc.’s contract is now for $91,828.

All told, the city will have spent $307,667 on the restroom project: $186,239 to CXT Inc. for a prefabricated restroom building; $29,600 to Semrau Engineering and Surveying for a topographical survey, site plan and grading plan; and $91,828 to PNW Civil Inc. for the other work.

The council approved on March 15 a $76,284 increase in Robinson Brothers Construction’s contract for installation of fiber-optic cable in six areas of the city for Access, the city’s high-speed broadband utility. The increase reflects the actual costs of work and materials, according to city documents.

Robinson Brothers Construction’s contract is now for $730,652.87.

The council also approved on March 15 a $39,990 increase in HDR Engineering’s contract for management of the city’s raw-water pipeline and clearwell project at the water treatment plant on the Skagit River. The contract was modified to cover the cost of complying with added testing requirements of the state Department of Health.

The City of Anacortes constructed a second raw-water pipeline, parallel to the existing pipeline, to provide for redundancy of raw-water supply and greater resiliency of its water supply system; and a second treated-water chlorine contacting tank, referred to as a clearwell.

HDR Engineering’s contract is now for $447,790.

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