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Anacortes Mayor Pro Tem Bruce McDougall

Anacortes City Councilman Bruce McDougall is the city’s new mayor pro tem.

The City Council selected McDougall for a two-year stint Monday. He succeeds Councilman Matt Miller as mayor pro tem.

The mayor pro tem is selected by council members at the first meeting of the year following a general election.

As mayor pro tem, McDougall will perform the duties of mayor during the mayor’s absence or if the mayor’s office becomes vacant.

When acting for the mayor, McDougall will have the authority to call special meetings. administer oaths, accept and certify affidavits, and sign contracts. The mayor pro tem also determines council members’ committee assignments.

The mayor pro tem does not receive additional pay.

McDougall is a consulting systems engineer for Cisco. He was elected to the City Council in 2017.

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