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The Anacortes Police Department responded to 179 calls between Friday, May 13, and Thursday, May 19. These are some of them:

Friday, May 13

• The reporting party was trying to catch a rabbit, which she thought was domestic. An officer left a message stating that if it was domestic, she should be able to walk up to it and that it was most likely a feral rabbit.

• A grocery store manager said a man had taken items from the store but returned them when he saw her calling 911. He then left in a motor home. Officers responded and contacted the manager. She gave her account of what had happened and provided a list of all the items recovered from the man’s grocery cart, totaling about $774. She also provided a blue composition notebook left behind by the man. The notebook contained phone numbers for several people. The officer contacted one, the man’s father, who advised that he doesn’t know where the man is. The officer later obtained security footage of the incident.

• A store manager advised that a man was seen taking liquor and leaving in a car. The manager said the theft was witnessed by a customer, who saw the man acting strangely before walking out of the store without paying for a bottle of vodka, putting it in his trunk and driving away.

Saturday, May 14

• Dispatch was advised of a fire on a docked ferry. The responding officer was advised that the fire had actually been an overheating vehicle.

• A business employee reported that a woman passed a counterfeit $20 bill and was waiting for her order in the parking lot. The bill appeared to be genuine in texture and appearance but was slightly smaller than a real bill. The responding officer contacted the woman, a 30-year-old Oak Harbor woman, who said she had received the bill as change for a fuel purchase.

Sunday, May 15

• An officer was sent to 40th Court for an in-progress vehicle prowl. An Anacortes woman said she had seen the lights come on and the door shut to her truck parked in her driveway. She said she did not see anyone in the truck but heard the door and saw the lights. The responding officer walked to the end of the road looking for other victims and heard a vehicle alarm going off from the area of the 4100 block of Orchard Avenue. After the alarm shut off, the officer saw a 30-year-old Anacortes man walking east. Dispatch informed the officers on scene that the man had an outstanding warrant for possession of a stolen vehicle and that the jail would accept him. He was transported to the Skagit County jail.

Monday, May 16

• An Anacortes man reported that a vehicle had been doing donuts in a gravel parking lot near a church on Thompson Road and had broken three windows. An officer responded and spoke with the reporting party, saying he believed it appeared the man was trying to break the windows. The officer reviewed video footage and saw a green truck with two or three occupants inside doing donuts and spraying gravel at the building, breaking the windows. The officer sent a photo of the truck to Skagit County law enforcement, and a detective recognized the vehicle and a potential suspect. The investigation continues.

• An Anacortes woman reported theft of a sculpture on Portage Lane. She advised that a custom-made sculpture had been taken from her mother’s home. She said she would check with her mother’s neighbors about possible video footage.

• An Anacortes woman reported that a doe attacked her dog while they were walking in the area. An officer advised her that the doe was likely protecting her fawns and to avoid the area for a while.

• An Anacortes woman advised that her puppy got its head stuck between two wood posts and needed assistance. She called back later to say the puppy was no longer stuck and canceled the call.

Tuesday, May 17

• An Anacortes woman reported that a moving truck had rolled across the street and into a yard on Sugarloaf Street. It was determined that an Anacortes man was in the process of moving. The emergency brake had apparently failed, and the unoccupied truck rolled across the street and collided with landscaping shrubs and a wood fence. The property owner and the renter of the truck had already exchanged information for non-reportable damage.

Wednesday, May 18

• An Anacortes woman reported that an unaccompanied 2-year-old had arrived at her house. Officers arrived to find the child in good spirits. Shortly after, the child’s father arrived and advised that his toddler had climbed out of his window while in his room for a nap and had walked to the reporting party’s house. The father advised that he would secure the window.

Thursday, May 19

• An officer was sent to a theft that had just occurred at a store on Commercial Avenue. The officer was told that a man had possibly stolen something and fled toward R Avenue. The man reportedly walked to the cell phone accessories section and was asked to leave his backpack out front, and when he exited, the alarm at the door went off, indicating he had something that he had not paid for.

– Anacortes Police Department

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