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Tim Hazelo 

Eight candidates are on the Aug. 4 primary ballot for U.S. House of Representatives, District 2: incumbent Rep. Rick Larsen, Democrat, of Everett; high school math teacher Jason Call, Democrat, of Marysville; former state legislator James Dean Golder, Republican, of Oak Harbor; civil engineer Cody Hart, Republican, of Sedro-Woolley; investment adviser Timothy Hazelo, Republican, of Oak Harbor; past U.S. House candidate Kari Ilonummi, Republican, of Arlington; activist and volunteer Carrie R. Kennedy, Republican, of Oak Harbor; and software company founder Tim Uy, Republican, of Bellingham.

The two top finishers in the primary will advance to the Nov. 3 general election. Members of the House are elected to two-year terms.

The Anacortes American asked the candidates to answer the following questions. Call, Golder and Ilonummi did not respond.

Name: Timothy S. Hazelo

Party preference: Republican / American

Age: 52

Residence: Oak Harbor

Occupation: DoD contractor

Education: AAS and Doctorate in Life

Elected offices held: Precinct, county and state delegate. Washington state presidential elector

Community involvement: Youth football coach and other volunteer opportunities

Campaign website: www.TimHazeloforCongress.com

Why are you running for office?: I am one of you, a citizen who is concerned that the career politicians forgot who they represent. I believe in the American people and their abilities to adapt and overcome. I feel we as a nation have to get back to basics putting our people and country first.

What are the five biggest issues facing the candidate who is elected to this position?: Budget and Deficit, Term Limits, Healthcare, Law and Order, Constitutional rights, Immigration.

How will you address them?: Term limits on Congress and the Senate would be a big step in the right direction. Cut spending, not raise taxes. Tort reform and competition in healthcare. Enforce the LAW as written before you create more feel-good laws. Rewrite the broken immigration system; I will advocate for legal immigration utilizing a merit-based system, removing incentives for illegal immigration.

What sets you apart from your opponents?: I believe that my background of 21 years in the Navy, eight years military contracting, multiple years in corporate America and dozens of countries visited give me a big advantage over a career partisan politician in not only local affairs but country and global affairs as well. The fact is I will step up and be your representative in Washington and Washington, D.C. and bring common sense back to the Congress while fighting for our district, the foundation of the United States, the Constitution, and our way of life.

How are you campaigning and engaging with voters during the pandemic?: I am meeting with people on a daily basis in person and virtually. I do live events at least weekly and as it should be it’s up to the people if they want to attend or not. The unlawful dictates of an overbearing governor have allowed the Democrats cover in an election cycle they could not win based on ideas and facts. Trying to keep their competition from getting out and the ever-expanding accusation of racism is all the Democrats have!

How can voters learn more about you?: You can reach the campaign at www.TimHazeloforCongress.com, TimHazeloforCongress@gmail.com or 360-720-0602.

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