The City Council authorized the purchase of two city trucks totalling more than $2 million during its meeting Monday night.

The first, a new ladder truck for the Anacortes Fire Department, will cost the city about $1.6 million.

The truck, from Hughes Fire Equipment, Inc., will take about 16 to 20 months to arrive because of delays in supplies and high demand, Fire Chief Jack Kennedy said at the meeting.

The new truck will replace an aging model that is no longer up to the job, he said. The city and the company negotiated this price, which is good through Jan. 14, he said.

The new truck will provide faster service both in terms of transportation time to the scene and the setup of equipment, Kennedy said.

The current truck takes about five minutes to get set up after arrival at a scene. The new truck would be ready in 45 seconds to a minute.

There are also technological advancements to help efficiency, he said.

All council members approved the purchase, which was a line item in the city budget.

The City Council also approved purchase of a new Vactor Sewer-Jet truck to help with sewer and storm drain maintenance. It will cost almost $500,000.

The city has two trucks now, one from 2002 and one from 2017. With the purchase, the city will now have the 2022 truck as its main truck and the 2017 truck, almost halfway through its roughly 12-year life cycle as a backup. It will sell the 2002 truck. High demand should mean it will sell well, Public Works Director Fred Buckenmeyer said.

The 2017 truck already has a replacement fund set up. It’s not quite full yet, but the proceeds from the sale of the 2002 truck will go into that fund, too. The goal is to have the 2017 truck replacement completely funded in time for its retirement, Buckenmeyer said.

There is no replacement fund for the 2002 truck, so the entire price is coming from the sewer fund, Buckenmeyer said.

All the City Council members approved the purchase.

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