City gets clean bill of

health in state audit

The City of Anacortes received a clean bill of health in its financial and compliance review by the state Auditor’s Office.

The auditor reviewed the city’s financial records for all of 2018 and issued its report last week. The previous year, the auditor “identified significant deficiencies in internal controls over financial reporting that affected the City’s ability to produce financial statements in accordance with accounting standards.” Those deficiencies have been corrected, the auditor reported.

According to the audit, the city had total revenues of $62.3 million in 2018 and total expenses of $55.5 million, with the balance transferred to reserves, city Finance Director Steve Hoglund said. The city owns $276.7 million in assets and had $82.9 million in liabilities. The city’s bonded indebtedness decreased from $57.1 million to $52.5 million.

The auditor also determined city operations complied with state and local laws, regulations and policies regarding “the safeguarding of public resources.”

If he loses, Miller says he’ll

take break in campaigning

State Senate candidate Daniel R. Miller said Monday he will take a five- or six-year break from campaigning if he loses the election for state senator from the 40th District.

Miller, a Republican from San Juan Island, has run unsuccessfully for local or state office nine times since 1994. In elections in which there was a primary, he twice advanced to the general election: in 1996 for state House of Representatives and this year for state Senate.

Despite his string of losses, Miller said: “I believe I’m a viable candidate. I actually feel good about this campaign. I think I might pull it off.”

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