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From right, Anacortes Fire Chief Dave Oliveri visits with Firefighter/EMT Daniel Coleman and Firefighter/Paramedic Martin Varrelman in the headquarters station Jan. 18, 2019, two months after becoming chief. Oliveri is no longer leading the department. (Richard Walker / file photo)

 Anacortes Fire Chief David A. Oliveri is no longer working for the City of Anacortes, the mayor confirmed Tuesday.

His last day was Oct. 31, following  an administrative leave, Mayor Laurie Gere said.

Gere gave no specific reason for Oliveri’s leave or departure, but said it is her job as mayor to evaluate directors.

“It became clear over time that the chief and I had a different vision for the direction of the department,” she said.

“… Sometimes you get in a situation where it isn’t a good fit. It has nothing to do with the person’s integrity or abilities.”

While she would not elaborate on her differences with Oliveri,  she said he was a good steward of finances and worked well with union officials.

Assistant Chief Jack Kennedy will be interim chief, and a search for a new chief will begin next year, she said.

In the search for a new chief, Gere said the city will be looking for someone who is adept at growing the department and who can help carry out the city’s long-term strategic plan while working well with the mayor and City Council in a strong union environment.

Challenges include the changes that led the city to join with other cities on a county-wide EMS system and the resulting expansion to 24/7 coverage at the station on the city’s east end. Plans include a new station there on Molly Lane, she noted.

“We’ve got a lot of work ahead of us,” she said.

Oliveri was named Anacortes fire chief in November 2018. He previously served as fire chief in Crestwood, Missouri. The American was unable to reach  him for comment.

Oliveri replaced longtime Anacortes Fire Chief Richard Curtis in 2018.

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