The Anacortes City Council voted Monday to amend the city’s Capital Facilities Plan for 2019-2024 to include $142,582 in unanticipated projects.

The projects will be funded mostly by revenue from the real estate excise tax, or REET. One project, a new roof for the library, will be paid by REET revenue and insurance, Finance Director Steve Hoglund said.

The council added the following projects to the Capital Facilities Plan (listed here with the REET revenue for each): Converting a storage room to office space for human resources, which is yielding its office to the city broadband project, $7,500; retrofit of standard lights to LED in Fire Station 1, the Senior Center and Public Safety, $12,580; window replacement at City Hall, $12,502; and library roof replacement, $50,000.

All told, the city has identified more than $132.1 million in capital projects it hopes to accomplish, if funding is available, over the next five years in the following areas.

• Parks: $6.5 million

• General Government: $24.2 million

• Fire: $5.6 million

• Transportation: $37.1 million

• Water: $41.4 million

• Wastewater: $15.1 million

• Storm: $1.8 million

• Solid Waste: $198,000

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