Island Hospital Chief Financial Officer Elise Cutter is moving into a new leadership position within the organization.

She is moving into a chief operating officer position and said she is looking forward to taking on a leadership role that will help her grow an organization that she is already proud to be a part of.

“There’s no other place that I’d want to be,” Cutter said. “This is an amazing place to work and a great place to access services. I’m all in.”

She will work with CEO Charles Hall and Interim COO Ann Raish through May as she transitions to the new position, which means she will lead operations, ancillary and clinic services.

Cutter said she will look at organizational goals set forth by Hall and the hospital Board of Commissioners and figure out ways to make those plans happen.

Putting those pieces together and making them operational is “so exciting,” Cutter said.

“(Cutter) brings extensive background in health care leadership, financial management and a keen understanding of hospital operations,” Hall said in an email.

There is a lot going on right now in health care, Cutter said. It’s an interesting time to be stepping into a leadership role to help the hospital recover from the COVID-19 pandemic and continue to grow moving forward, she said.

Cutter has an accounting degree from Villanova University and obtained her master’s in business administration last year. She started at the hospital in 2001 and was promoted to CFO in 2013. Before that, she worked as a controller for a manufacturing firm in Everett.

She filled the role of interim CEO during the search for a new hospital leader last year. At that time, the hospital added Raish as interim COO, adding the position to the leadership team for the first time.

Cutter said she is fortunate with work with Raish during this transition, during which Cutter will still act as CFO, because Raise has brought so much knowledge to the position.

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