A discussion about the next steps in the fiber optic internet rollout is on the City Council agenda for Monday, Jan. 13.

After City Council voted unanimously to reject the only bid received for fiber optic installation on Monday, Jan. 6, Municipal Broadband Business Manager Jim Lemberg and Administrative Services Director Emily Schuh will appear before council again to present a new set of options for moving forward with customer installations.

In light of the difficulty they have had in securing a contractor to work on installation at an affordable price, less than or equal to $750 per installation, there are three options for moving forward, according to the Jan. 13 City Council packet.

The first option is to find a contractor to do both indoor and outdoor installation; second is to have a contractor do outdoor installation and have city staff do indoor installation; third is to use city staff for both indoor and outdoor installations.

The staff recommendation is to use city staff for the full scope of customer installations.

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