0519 candidate filings

By end of day Tuesday, 91 candidates across Skagit County had officially filed to run for 70 offices in the 2021 election, according to the county Elections Division.

The candidate filing period ends Friday. The primary election is Aug. 3. The two top vote-getters will advance to the Nov. 2 general election.

On the local ballot: mayor of Anacortes, four of seven Anacortes City Council positions, two of five school board positions, two of five hospital district commission positions, three of five Port of Anacortes commission positions, and two of five Fidalgo Pool and Fitness Center commission positions.

Anacortes voters will elect a commissioner to the board that manages Fern Hill Cemetery; Guemes Island voters will elect a commissioner to the board that manages Edens Cemetery. Voters will also elect a commissioner for Fire District 11 (Mount Erie), and two of five commissioners for Fire District 17 (Guemes Island).

The following people filed to run for Anacortes-area positions as of end of day Tuesday. This list will be updated daily on goanacortes.com, and an updated list will be printed in the May 26 Anacortes American.

Anacortes Mayor

  • Ryan Walters
  • Matt Miller

Anacortes City Council

  • At-Large Position 4: Jeff Graf
  • At-Large Position 4: Amanda Hubik
  • At-Large Position 5: Bruce McDougall
  • At-Large Position 6: Carolyn Y. Moulton
  • At-Large Position 7: Anthony Young

Anacortes School Board

  • Position 1: Brian Adams
  • Position 1: Anastasia Brencick
  • Position 1: Celese Stevens
  • Position 2: Diana Farnsworth
  • Position 2: Erik Schorr

Hospital District 2 (Island Hospital)

  • Position 2: Warren Tessler
  • Position 3: Paul Maughan

Anacortes Port Commission

  • Position 1: Jon Ronngren
  • Position 2: Jon Petrich
  • Position 5: Katherine (Kathy) Pittis
  • Position 5: Doug Pratt

Fire District 11 (Mount Erie)

  • Position 3: Mark Tibbles

Fire District 17 (Guemes Island)

  • Position 2: David M. Wertheimer

Cemetery District 2 (Anacortes)

  • Position 1: John Pinquoch

Cemetery District 3 (Guemes)

  • Position 1: Adam Veal

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