0428 police blotter

The Anacortes Police Department responded to 138 dispatches Aug. 4-9.

These are some of them.

Saturday, Sept. 4

• A 65-year-old Anacortes man was cited for failure to stop after hitting another vehicle while making a left turn. The man told officers parked cars blocked his view as he tried to make a left turn at a stop sign in the 3700 block of R Avenue.

Sunday, Sept. 5

• Officers were sent to a Commercial Avenue business after receiving an alarm just before 2 a.m. Officers discovered a damaged front-door lock, but found no one inside. They were unable to contact the business owner, so it was unclear if anything was stolen. The investigation continues.

• An 83-year-old Anacortes woman called to report someone ransacked her car and may have slept in it. She parked her vehicle the previous night and in the morning found that all the items in her visor, glove box and center console were on the floor. She said the pillow from the driver’s seat was in the back seat on the passenger side. Nothing was missing.

• A Commercial Avenue business owner reported someone broke the lock and attempted to gain entry to the business. Security video showed a man walk past the door around 1:30 a.m. and return about 10 minutes later, pulling a large wrench out of his pants and attempting to use it on the front door. It did not appear he was able to get in. Officers believe it is related to the business alarm call shortly after.

• A hotel owner called police to have a 58-year-old Maple Valley man who had overstayed and damaged the room removed from the premises. Officers talked to the man, who was reportedly so intoxicated he couldn’t stand. He agreed to be transported to the hospital. The officer noted the room was messy but did not note any permanent damage.

• A caller reported her son and a friend were playing in the area behind Island View Elementary School and found garbage and a sleeping bag. Her son also told her they saw a hand and the area smelled bad. Officers located miscellaneous belongings and disposed of a sleeping bag, clothing and some garbage. The owner of the items is unknown.

• A 27-year-old Anacortes woman faces a theft charge after reportedly trying to steal about $112 worth of flower bouquets from a store on 11th Street. When officers arrived, a manager pointed out the suspect, who had returned to the store. She claimed to have paid for the flowers, however, security video proved otherwise. She allowed officers to remove the flowers from a vehicle she placed them in. She was also trespassed from the store.

Monday, Sept. 6

• A caller reported a horse stuck on a log on a trail near the Heart Lake parking lot. Officers contacted the caller, who said they no longer needed help because someone was helping her.

• A caller reported a 45-year-old Anacortes man was selling drugs in a parking lot on 20th Street around noon. The officer noticed a man on a bike next to a car with a woman driver. The vehicle left as the officer entered the parking lot and the man rode his bike in front of the police vehicle, blocking the officer from seeing the car’s license plate. The man alleged a white business vehicle drove into him, though he was unhurt and there was no damage to his bike. The officer checked with the business, which the caller worked for, and was told the company’s green truck had not been in an accident. The officer noted he does not think anyone hit the man and his actions were an attempt to distract the officer from the leaving vehicle.

• A caller reported a light flashing SOS. An officer tracked it down to a private dock off of Cay Way. The boat was unoccupied, and the lights seemed to have been left on by accident.

Tuesday, Sept. 7

• A 40-year-old Anacortes man was arrested on charges of assault in the 2nd degree and resisting arrest after reportedly choking his girlfriend. When officers arrived, the victim advised them to be careful as the man had weapons inside their room. The man refused to come out, said he would fight with officers and was making nonsensical comments as officers talked to him. Officers requested assistance from a mental health specialist, but none was available. Eventually, officers attempted to physically remove the man from the room. A scuffle ensued and the man was tased before being taken into custody. He was check at the hospital before being booked into jail.

• A truck and camper trailer got stuck on Loop Road in Washington Park around 3:30 p.m. The 68-year-old Camano Island man was able to back it out and clear the road.

Wednesday, Sept. 8

• Officers contacted a 48-year-old Anacortes man after it was reported he was trying to pry open a fire hydrant around 10:45 p.m. in the area of 34th Street and T Avenue. As the officer drove up to the man, his dog reportedly charged the car and jumped up, apparently trying to get inside via an open window. After a couple attempts, the man was able to get control of his dog and place a leash on. The officer informed the man his dog needs to be on leash. The man denied doing anything to the fire hydrant and said the caller may have seen the dog’s leash as the dog “inspected” the hydrant. Dispatch later advised the man had a warrant but officers were unable to locate him again.

Thursday, Sept. 9

• A 70-year-old Anacortes woman reported her on-leash dog was aggressively charged by a neighbor’s dog while walking in the Cap Sante neighborhood. She said this isn’t the first time it’s happened. She said the owner had to drag the dog away. The animal control officer talked to the other dog owner, who was uncertain why his dog didn’t like the other dog. He was told to keep his dog on-leash or properly confined to his property. An infraction for dog at large is forthcoming.

• A 41-year-old Deer Harbor man called to report his vehicle had been tampered with while parked in the 1500 block of Commercial Avenue over the previous three days. He said when he started his truck the exhaust sounded louder than normal. He said it appeared someone tried to cut his exhaust with a pipe cutter. He was uncertain if the catalytic converter was still there and planned to confirm with an auto shop.

–Anacortes Police Department

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