0428 police blotter

The Anacortes Police Department responded to 118 dispatches July 10-15.

These are some of them.

Sunday, July 10

• A 65-year-old Anacortes woman told police she believes someone may have used a hidden key to enter her apartment and steal about $1,500 worth of antique silverware. When she returned from a walk, she noticed items on the porch had been moved. She later noticed items missing.

• An intoxicated 27-year-old Anacortes man was trespassed from an establishment in the 900 block of Seventh Street after staff reported he was causing a disturbance. The man reportedly cursed for an unknown reason and employees said they saw him push his mother. His mother denied she had been pushed. The pair then left.

Monday, July 11

• A pre-teen boy was admonished for reportedly damaging the playground at Storvik Park. Officers were called after someone saw the boy break a board on the playground and throw it around. Officers later contacted his mother, and they spoke with the boy about his behavior. His mom said she would repair the damage or come to an agreement to do so. The officer removed two screws to make sure the area was safe for kids. It was noted the damage was minor.

• Officers received a call regarding people finding bones, a bicycle and ratted up clothing near Fidalgo Bay Resort. Officers noted the bones were in a tidal zone, so the movement of the water could have relocated them. Representatives of the Skagit County Coroner’s Office viewed photos and later arrived on scene. They later noted that all the bones that were recovered were nonhuman remains.

Tuesday, July 12

• A business in the 900 block of 26th Street reported the ignition switch cap had been popped off a vehicle at the location. Officers noted the damage was consistent with someone attempting to use a screwdriver or bump key to access the vehicle. No other damage was observed, and it is believed nothing was stolen. Estimated damage is $50.

• A woman called to have police check on a neighbor she hadn’t seen all day, which was unusual. Officers went to the residence and heard a TV on but the resident didn’t answer the door. Officers, accompanied by building staff, returned. The door was unlocked and officers found the man, who reported he had fallen and had been on the ground for some time. Aid responded and transported the man to the hospital.

• An Anacortes man called to report receiving a suspicious email stating FBI agents would be at his home at 10 a.m. the next day. He also reported giving gift cards to a woman he met on Facebook. However, she had since started asking for more money and the man did not provide her with more money. Officers said both incidents were scams.

• A 27-year-old Burlington man reported his vehicle’s back window was broken and about $1,500 in camping equipment had been stolen while parked in the lower lot at Mount Erie. Stolen items include a tent, sleeping bag, rope, backpack, camp stove and headlamp.

• A woman residing on Commercial Avenue called to report that earlier that day someone entered her home, possibly through an open window, and stole a television and other items valued at a few hundred dollars. There are no suspects.

• Marina security contacted police because there was a man sleeping in a car on Port of Anacortes property. The vehicle occupant told police that he had been drinking and was sleeping in the backseat to avoid driving the car. The investigating officer gave the man a ride to a nearby motel.

Wednesday, July 13

• An Anacortes resident called police with a concern about speeding motorists on Sixth Street. APD’s radar unit was deployed in the area to deter speeders and patrol officers will also be covering the area more frequently as time allows.

• A man’s driver’s license and debit card were stolen from his unlocked vehicle while it was parked on the 1500 block of O Avenue. There was no available video surveillance of the event at the time the report was written.

• A woman’s late model SUV was damaged, possibly in a road rage incident on Highway 20. The woman told the investigating officer that when she attempted to pass a small sedan on the highway, the vehicle sped up and the male driver made offensive gestures. While the woman was passing the sedan, she heard a loud bang and pulled over to look at a small dent in her fender that she had not seen before. An officer spoke with a local man commonly associated with the vehicle and he denied any involvement in the incident.

• A woman called to report a male driver following her and driving erratically so she pulled into a retail parking lot. Officers were unable to locate the offending vehicle.

Thursday, July 14

• A motorist near Sharpes Corner called police after seeing someone throw what appeared to be a cigarette butt out their car window. The license plate provided did not match any Department of Licensing records and the responding officer was unable to locate a vehicle in the area that matched the provided description.

• A man called to report that while riding a bike he passed another bicyclist near the twin bridges and the bicyclist became angry and threw a rock that nearly struck him. The man attempted to calm the alleged assailant, who later rode off on his bike toward the city. The reporting party opted not to press charges. Officers were able to locate the other bicyclist and counseled him on his actions.

Wednesday, July 15

• About $50 in coins were stolen from a coin machine in a Washington Park bathroom, possibly during the night. The cost to repair the machine and drywall far exceed the amount of money stolen. There are no suspects.

–Source: Anacortes Police Department

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