Thank you to community

The 38th annual Fidalgo Island Rotary Shipwreck event was a community success again. Thank you to all of our amazing vendors and shoppers for attending. We would also like to thank the City of Anacortes departments for the support they do to make Shipwreck happen.

The funds raised help us to continue giving back to Anacortes through multiple projects and scholarships.

Dave Sem

Fidalgo Island Rotary

Keep Lovelett in Senate

I support returning 40th District Sen. Liz Lovelett to our Washington Legislature.

Appointed last winter to fill an unexpired term, Lovelett already has one legislative session of experience under her belt. During her introductory “trial by fire” in the Olympia pressure cooker, Liz showed the mental toughness and resolve it takes to be an effective legislator.

I have known Liz since she attended Anacortes Middle School where I was employed. Even in her early years, she exhibited the same strong intelligence, leadership and people skills as she does now. Through her successful terms on City Council, I have observed her quick-study mind cut through problems as she worked tirelessly with others to devise solutions to issues facing our city. The council committees on which she served were Public Works, Parks, Housing Affordability and Social Services. One stellar example of her accomplishments is her pivotal role on the council team, which crafted “The Affordable Housing Strategic Plan—City of Anacortes,” the first of its kind in our state.

Lovelett comes from a refinery family background and has championed working families both as a City Council member and since she arrived in Olympia, earning the support of the Washington State Labor Council, AFL-CIO, the state’s largest union organization. She worked on a critical package of orca recovery bills, supported the bill protecting the Blanchard Mountain core, and was instrumental in obtaining the $1 million award from the state for the Lopez Island Swim Center.

As a proven force in our Legislature, Liz deserves a full term so she can accomplish even more for the citizens of the 40th District. She has demonstrated her ability to come through for us.

Vote for Liz Lovelett.

Marilyn Wells Derig


I’m voting for Liz Lovelett

Why I’m voting for Liz Lovelett, 40th District State Senate: When Liz attended her first legislative session earlier this year, I believe that it was her Municipal City Government experience that prepared her to hit the ground running.

This experience sets her apart from other candidates and is a vital asset in her ability to fully represent constituents. As a current council member who served alongside Liz during her five-plus years on the Anacortes City Council, I can attest that she always did her homework, was very active in addressing topics and worked hard to represent important issues such as affordable housing, environmental protections, fiscal responsibility, infrastructure improvements and social services. Although we were not always aligned on issues, I came to appreciate Liz’s approach to staying true to her values and her ability to articulate her thoughts and beliefs during important discussions.

Last February, after Liz was appointed to the Senate in a special Tri-County Governing Boards selection process, she had compressed time to develop an agenda and pass legislation that was beneficial to her local constituents. She stayed consistent on the same values she represented on the council and worked hard on bills that benefited environmental protection, funding for public safety, vital infrastructure improvements and community enrichment.

As a freshman senator who joined the session mid-stream, Liz made a lasting impression that surpassed more than many of us could have predicted.

Let’s continue to give Liz opportunities to represent the 40th District by voting yes for Liz Lovelett, state Senate.

Brad Adams


Support for Sen. Lovelett

Sen. Liz Lovelett deserves our support to continue working for us in Olympia. Show her that you appreciate her skills and local knowledge by voting for her in the Primary. Ballots are out now and due by Aug. 6.

Lovelett knows our local issues and brings her experience as a small business owner, a single mom and a five-year member of the Anacortes City Council to the state Legislature. When she was appointed to the Senate mid-way through the last legislative session, she was able to bring a new perspective to Olympia, speaking passionately for young families struggling to keep food on the table and provide health care for their children.

She knows firsthand the impacts of mandates on local government. She knows what our schools are facing because she has two young daughters in our schools.

She was able to pass a bill that permanently protects Blanchard Mountain. She has been an environmental champion earning the support of the Washington Conservation Voters and the Sierra Club. She has strong support from many labor organizations because of her past work and strong commitment to the Blue Green Alliance, which is striking a balance between jobs and environmental protections. She is continuing her work to find solutions for homelessness and affordable housing which she developed on the city council.

Lovelett is the only candidate with government experience. Let’s send her back to Olympia to continue to work for us. Please vote for Sen. Liz Lovelett.

Rita Sullivan


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