0407 police blotter

A black Chevy Tahoe reported stolen on Feb. 23 was recovered on April 1, Anacortes Police reported.

The police department posted a notice about the stolen vehicle on its website and social media accounts Feb. 24, advising the public to keep an eye out for the vehicle.

“On April 1, someone called in because the vehicle was parked in a cul de sac for several weeks and looked out of place in the neighborhood,” Community Service Officer Karl Wolfswinkel reported. “The recovered Tahoe is another example of the importance of community and police partnerships to ensure public safety.”

The Anacortes Police Department reported responding to 190 dispatches from March 27 to April 4. Here are some of them.

Saturday, March 27

• Officers were made aware just after 2 p.m. of a pickup that was smoking badly and traveling erratically east on Oakes Avenue, then south on D Avenue. The pickup had a flat tire. An officer caught up with it at Field Avenue and 32nd Street and saw a man walking from the front of the vehicle, then stumble as he entered via the driver’s side door. The vehicle had sustained damage when it hit a retaining wall and shrubbery in the area of the Oakes Avenue roundabout at Glasgow Way. The 24-year-old driver from Burlington was taken into custody for DUI and hit and run. He was later released to a friend.

Monday, March 29

• A local man called police late at night to report being involved in a fight with his roommate in his home. Officers responded and spoke with all involved parties and determined that the man who called had grabbed his roommate by the neck as the two argued. The 37-year-old man was taken into custody and booked in jail on a domestic violence assault charge, in addition to a malicious mischief charge for damages done to the house during the confrontation.

Tuesday, March 30

• A 90-year-old Anacortes man was given a ticket for driving with wheels off the roadway after he was involved in a four-car, minor-injury collision. The driver was in line at a drive-thru coffee stand on 13th Street when his vehicle accelerated rapidly into the rear of the sedan in front of him, causing the car to strike the side of the business. The at-fault driver’s vehicle continued past the initial collision and struck two more vehicles before coming to a stop.

Wednesday, March 31

• A local woman noticed that her SUV was not running well, so she took it to a mechanic to be evaluated. After she was notified that her catalytic converter had been removed, the woman called police to report it. The woman thought the theft might have occurred while the car was parked in her driveway on the west side of town.

Thursday, April 1

• A local man reported that a gold coin he ordered in January was never delivered to his 23rd Street address. The coin vendor had recorded the purchase and delivery of the coin. He believes it was possibly stolen shortly after it was delivered.

— Source: Anacortes Police Department, Skagit 911


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