0819 police blotter

The Anacortes Police Department reported responding to 229 dispatches from Aug. 8-17. Here are some of them.

Saturday, Aug. 8

• A 25-year-old Anacortes man faces possible drug charges after he was found with drug paraphernalia in his vehicle. Officers contacted him in his vehicle just after midnight while responding to the sound of a loud bang in a convenience store parking lot. An officer approached the vehicle thinking it may have been the source of the loud noise. The driver reportedly did not immediately notice the officer standing by his car, but did notice lights from a police car that pulled over nearby. The driver then quickly hid a syringe but later admitted to the officer who observed him that there was drug paraphernalia in the car. He was released and faces possible drug charges.

• A 36-year-old Anacortes woman was arrested just before 5 a.m. on 37th Street for driving with a suspended license. An officer had pulled her over because her older-model SUV had expired registration tabs. The driver was released at the scene.

• The driver’s side window of a car was broken and $33 worth of items reported stolen at the Whistle Lake trailhead.

Sunday, Aug. 9

• A 33-year-old Anacortes man was arrested after 2 a.m. in the 600 block of Commercial Avenue for driving with a suspended license. An officer had pulled him over because his newer-model truck had a broken headlamp; the driver said he had just purchased the truck and was unaware of any mechanical issues. He was given a courtesy ride to his home.

• A 23-year-old Anacortes man was arrested just before midnight on Commercial Avenue for driving with a suspended license. An officer pulled him over after he twice failed to use his turn signal. The driver was again arrested a short time later on H Avenue after he turned onto 41st Street without using a turn signal and exceeding the speed limit by over 10 mph. He was arrested for driving while license suspended and failure to transfer title of his vehicle. He was given a courtesy ride home; his car was left at the scene.

Monday, Aug. 10

• A resident of the 3600 block of West Fifth Street reported the theft of $500 in construction materials from the side of his home sometime over the weekend.

Tuesday, Aug. 11

• A local woman reported being the victim of a payday loan scam. The woman applied for a loan online and was sent a check for part of the loan, then instructed to purchase gift cards and send photos of the front and back of the cards. The woman complied with the request and sent photos to the scammers via email, and was sent another check for partial payment of the loan. In addition to contacting her bank, the woman was encouraged to report the incident to the Federal Trade Commission, ic3.gov, and the Better Business Bureau.

• No one was injured in a mid-morning two-car motor vehicle collision at Sharpes Corner. A 71-year-old Mount Vernon man was ticketed for failure to yield because he failed to stop for an SUV in the roundabout that was attempting to exit south toward Oak Harbor.

Wednesday, Aug. 12

• A local 46-year-old woman faces trespassing charges for going to a local grocery three weeks after she was served with a one-year trespass notice. Employees told police the woman was waiting by the door for the store to be opened that morning, but left before police arrived. She was later contacted on an unrelated matter, interviewed and cited for trespassing.

• A 25-year-old man from out of state was arrested and charged with failure to transfer title and putting a non-matching license plate on his car. The man was pulled over after a patrol officer ran the plates on the sedan the man was driving. When the plates were found to belong to an SUV, the officer pulled the car over to investigate. The man reportedly admitted that he swapped the plates from another vehicle he owned because he did not want to get a ticket for having expired plates.

• An 84-year-old man drove through a stop sign on South March Point Road, causing a collision with another vehicle. Both vehicles sustained reportable damage but no one was injured.

Thursday, Aug. 13

• An officer pulled over an older-model sedan on Highway 20 after recognizing the driver as having a suspended license. The 65-year-old driver was cooperative and was taken into custody. When asked if there was anything illegal in the car, the man said there might be a pipe used to ingest illegal narcotics. With permission to search the car, officers discovered a pipe with what was thought to be methamphetamine residue. The driver was cited for driving while license suspended, operating a vehicle without an ignition interlock and possession of drug paraphernalia. He was then released from the scene after agreeing to get a licensed driver for his car.

— Anacortes Police Department

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