0826 police blotter

The Anacortes Police Department reported responding to 200 dispatches between Aug. 17-24. Here are some of them.

Saturday, Aug. 15

• A feral cat is in a 10-day quarantine at a local pound after it bit and scratched at least three people. The cat reportedly scratched and bit at least two bystanders who watched another person get the cat out of a tree. The bystanders were treated at the emergency room for their injuries. The cat also bit a woman several times after she attempted to remove it from a local restaurant.

• A 65-year-old Anacortes man was given a ticket for unsafe backing after he backed into a parking space on Commercial Avenue with the tailgate down on his pickup. While doing so, the pickup crunched the front end of a sports sedan.

• A 55-year-old Mount Vernon man was trespassed from a local grocery for one year and arrested for theft of alcohol and groceries. The man told the investigating officer that he did not have enough money for the items, which is why he took them. He was cited and released.

Sunday, Aug. 16

• A local grocery reported that a woman was yelling and throwing trash and asked that she be trespassed from the store. The officer spoke with the Mount Vernon woman, who appeared to be in distress and was surrounded by broken glass. She complied with the officer’s request to move along and was served with a one-year trespass notice.

Monday, Aug. 17

• An officer responded to a report of a vehicle full of chickens and goats. The officer checked the welfare of the animals, which appeared to be in good health and were awaiting transport to Guemes Island.

• A 20-year-old Bothell driver failed to yield for a vehicle exiting the Sharpes Corner roundabout, resulting in a collision. The driver was cited for failure to yield. Both vehicles were damaged, but no one was injured.

• A local 28-year-old man, seen by police at a local store, was arrested shortly after 10 p.m. on a warrant out of Anacortes Municipal Court. He was found to be in possession of two used syringes commonly associated with illicit drug usage. The man’s girlfriend, a local 25-year-old, was arrested on out of Burlington Municipal Court; she was booked and released. The man was booked in jail and faces possible additional drug-related charges.

• A caller reported a woman sleeping in a car after 11:20 p.m. in a store parking lot. The woman was awakened and spoke with officers. The store manager told officers they wanted the woman trespassed because of problems with her in the past. Officers reached out to a family member to arrange for a ride home for the woman, who was served with a trespass notice.

Tuesday, Aug. 18

• Port of Anacortes security personnel gave police the description of a man who refused to leave port property on Seafarers Way. One detail they provided was that the man had a can of spray paint. A sergeant contacted the man in Seafarers Memorial Park at midnight and determined that he had spray painted part of a bench. Further investigation also revealed that the 27-year-old Anacortes man had two arrest warrants. He was arrested and taken to the police department, then later released with a citation for malicious mischief and a notice trespassing him from port property.

• A resident of 37th Street reported that about $75 worth of gas was siphoned from his van during the night.

• A juvenile male reported he was leaving a store on 11th Street when a man unknown to him approached and asked if he had a second. The juvenile ignored the man and rode away on his bike, and the man got on a bike and began yelling. Officers were made aware of the incident several minutes later, but did not locate the man on the bike.

• A 21-year-old Mount Vernon man was given a ticket for following too close after his vehicle rear-ended a sedan stopped at Q Avenue and 15th Street. There were no injuries, but both vehicles were damaged.

• A local man called police to report that someone claiming to represent Apple, Inc. called and convinced him to purchase more than $1,000 in gift cards and provide the information off the cards to the fraudster. The victim was working with the gift card company to recover his money.

• A 17-year-old motorist was given an infraction for negligent driving after the car he was driving struck a pedestrian at the intersection of 15th Street and K Avenue. The driver told the investigating officer that he looked down to adjust his radio when he looked up he saw a pedestrian in the intersection but could not stop in time. The pedestrian was transported by ambulance to the hospital with minor injuries.

Thursday, Aug. 20

• A corporal investigated a minor-injury collision just after 8 a.m. on Highway 20 near Christianson Road. A 46-year-old Arlington woman was ticketed for following too close. She said she reached down to grab some snacks and looked up too late to avoid colliding with an SUV in front of her.

Friday, Aug. 21

• A convenience store employee reported that a male stole alcohol and would not leave the property. Officers arrived and immediately saw a man matching the suspect description provided seated by the front doors and drinking a bottle of alcohol. Officers took the 25-year-old man into custody and placed him in a patrol car. A few minutes later, an officer opened the car door to speak with the suspect, and he lunged at the officer and disobeyed commands to stop resisting arrest. The man was booked in jail on charges of theft and obstructing a police officer.

— Anacortes Police Department

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