0715 police blotter

A vehicle struck a utility pole July 11 in front of an apartment in the 1100 block of 27th Court. No injuries were reported, Anacortes Police Community Services Officer Karl Wolfswinkel reported.

The apartment manager reported the collision to police the next day. Investigation revealed that there was superficial damage to a utility pole but considerable damage to an adjacent 4x4 support pole. “The facility did not wish to pursue charges against the at-fault driver, but wanted them counseled on their driving habits,” Wolfswinkel reported.

The officer reached the at-fault driver by phone and the driver agreed to contact the apartment with an apology. No further police action will be taken, Wolfswinkel reported.

The Anacortes Police Department reported responding to 131 dispatches from July 7-13. Here are some of the responses during that time period.

Saturday, July 4

• A man reported that he left his backpack, containing a few electronics, behind in a local grocery store but it was gone when he returned.

• A dog fell off a cliff while walking the loop road in Washington Park. Hikers in the area were able to help the dog, and police assistance was not required.

• A vehicle crashed into a fence on the 1200 block of 29th Street in the early evening. The vehicle was traveling eastbound on 29th Street. When the driver attempted to enter a driveway, she missed and collided with a fence on an adjacent property. She was taken by ambulance to the hospital for evaluation and was cited for driving with wheels off the roadway.

Sunday, July 5

• A chrome 24-inch Mongoose mountain bike was reported stolen in the 2600 block of R Avenue.

Monday, July 6

• A man and woman in their 20s were trespassed from a local business for one year. The couple said they were using the business’ exterior electrical outlet to charge their phones.

Tuesday, July 7

• A resident of 15th Street reported that she left her pickup unlocked overnight and when she went out to it, some of the interior contents were in disarray.

• A 17th Street resident called the Animal Control officer to complain about dogs barking. The officer contacted the owner of the two recently adopted litter mates. The owner was taking steps to manage the dogs’ behavior and was receptive to additional feedback from the officer.

• A backyard shed on 15th Street was burglarized and a gas can and Skill-brand circular saw was stolen.

Wednesday, July 8

• A local woman reported that her wallet was missing from her car. The car was parked in the 1800 block of Commercial Avenue and was accessed sometime between mid-morning and mid-afternoon. There were no signs of forced entry.

• A local woman called police to report someone possibly bringing items ashore from a sailboat on Guemes Channel. The responding officer found the boat but did not observe any activity on or around the vessel.

• A local 29-year-old man was arrested and booked in county jail on suspicion of assault and obstructing a law enforcement officer. Police spoke with the man after receiving a call about a confrontation between him and a man who approached him to speak about his erratic driving on Fifth Street. Investigation revealed that the men had two separate confrontations that evening. During the second confrontation, the suspect allegedly pointed a gun at the man. Officers caught up with the suspect at his home on 12th Street, and when he was told he was being detained for investigation, he ran into the house. Officers followed him inside and took him into custody.

• A 23-year-old Anacortes woman was arrested and booked in jail after she and her mother had a disagreement over walking the dog. Both parties were interviewed, and it was determined that the argument escalated and the two women struck each other. The daughter was booked in jail on a domestic violence assault charge as the primary aggressor.

Thursday, July 9

• A local car dealership reported that sometime overnight, someone broke the driver’s side window of a customer’s car and may have tried to steal it. It appeared that the vehicle’s onboard technology prevented the theft.

• A resident called police just before 10 p.m. to report yelling and screaming in the 2300 block of 33rd Street. An officer responded and spoke with a woman who was screaming and throwing things at raccoons that were attacking her cat.

— Anacortes Police Department

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