0902 police blotter

The Anacortes Police Department reported responding to 186 dispatches from Aug. 24-31. These are some of them.

Saturday, Aug. 22

• An officer investigated the report of a possible boat fire at a marina on Q Avenue. The smoke was not caused by fire, but by the boat’s internal-combustion engines.

Sunday, Aug. 23

• A man called police just after 9 a.m. to report that the door to a downtown business was unlocked, but there was no one inside. An officer arrived just as the owner pulled up; the owner said an employee must have left the door unlocked when closing the previous night. Nothing appeared to be missing or damaged.

• A grocer reported that a man was possibly intoxicated and was acting strangely. An officer spoke with the 60-year-old man in the store parking lot. He was frustrated because the keys he had in his hand weren’t opening the door to the Honda he was standing by. A registration check revealed the man did not own the Honda. He was served with a trespass notice and given a courtesy ride to a location in town.

• Later in the day, a grocer reported that a man who was trespassed earlier was back, again trying to unlock car doors with the keys in his hands. The man was taken into custody for trespassing and later given a courtesy ride.

• A Georgia Place resident called police midday to report hearing gunshots in the area of the Guemes Island Ferry terminal. Police found nothing unusual on a drive through the area and had no additional reports.

• A woman reported a possible attempted theft. She said that while sitting in her pickup on Commercial Avenue, a man rummaged through the truck bed where she stored her paddleboards. Officers found the man and spoke with him. He said he was just inspecting the paddleboards to see what they were made of, but did not take anything and did not intend to do so.

• A 34-year-old woman may face felony theft and obstructing charges for stealing a purse that was accidentally left in a grocery cart. A man reported that his wife accidentally left her purse in a cart and returned soon after to retrieve it, but it was gone. Store video showed a woman taking the purse and leaving with it. Officers located the suspect’s car on Eighth Street and pursued her on foot when she ran away. After her arrest, she told officers where the purse and its contents were located. She also said she used a debit card to withdraw funds. Officers were ultimately able to recover the purse’s contents and cash for the owner.

Monday, Aug. 24

• A woman reported an ongoing issue of political sign theft from the corner of Sunset Avenue and Anaco Beach Road.

Tuesday, Aug. 25

• A Summit Park Road resident reported that $200 in tools and keys were stolen overnight from the unlocked pickup in his driveway.

• A wallet was reported stolen from an unlocked SUV overnight.

• A patrol officer on Q Avenue and 21st Street arrested a 31-year-old woman on a warrant for theft and possession of a controlled substance. She was booked in the county jail.

Wednesday, Aug. 26

• An officer on patrol on South March Point Road saw a van parked in a private parking lot after midnight. A routine check showed that the registered owner, a 30-year-old Mount Vernon man, had a warrant out of the Skagit County Sheriff’s Office for driving while license suspended. Officers knocked on the van door and heard a rustling noise inside. After a brief pause, the man opened the van door. Officers confirmed he was the owner and that they needed so speak with him about his warrant. The man tried to close the door and became verbally aggressive as officers took him into custody. During transport to the Anacortes Police Department, the man continued with derogatory remarks and was uncooperative when placed in a holding cell. He was ultimately booked in the county jail on his warrant and a charge for obstructing.

• A 2019 tan Specialized Stumpjumper full-suspension mountain bike was reported stolen on 22nd Street overnight. The bike was forcibly removed from a bike rack attached to a vehicle. Anyone with information is asked to call dispatch at 360-428-3211, reference APD case #20-A05601.

• An officer on Commercial Avenue was approached by a BMW driver who said the car was hit by a pickup that left the scene of the collision. Several minutes later, the officer was contacted by a Swinomish Police corporal, who had pulled over a pickup matching the suspect vehicle near the twin bridges. The officer went to the area to speak with the pickup driver, a 33-year-old man from Mount Vernon. The man said he exchanged words with the BMW occupants but did not think his pickup hit their car. Paint on the pickup matched paint on the BMW, so the officer took photos and left Swinomish police officers to continue their investigation. The pickup driver faces possible charges for hit and run as well as reckless driving.

Friday, Aug. 28

• A Fourth Street resident reported the theft of her daughter’s new bike from the front yard earlier in the day. The woman later called back with good news and bad news. The good news — the bike was found. The bad news — it was spray-painted a different color.

— Anacortes Police Department

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