The Fidalgo Pool and Fitness Center Board of Commissioners voted unanimously Nov. 21 to approve the district’s 2020 budget, which projects a net income of $60,429.

Savings are coming from reductions in planned maintenance expenses and from a decrease in expenses connected to raising private funds for a new facility, which the pool has only budgeted through March 2020.

The year-to-date financials through October 2019 have the pool at a $33,067 loss though coming in under the budget, which predicted a $46,575 loss at this point in the year.

Expenses budgeted toward repair and maintenance for the facility have been decreased from $74,159 in 2019 to $57,000 in 2020. The pool will only take on maintenance projects of absolute necessity pending action on a new pool facility, according to Mitch Everton, executive director of the Fidalgo Pool and Fitness Center.

Through October of this year, $41,769 has been spent on repair and maintenance, which is $20,000 below what was budgeted for this point in the year. Everton expects 2020 will mirror 2019 in maintenance expenses.

That compares to maintenance expenditures of $49,803 in 2018 and $42,464 in 2017.

Fundraising expenses include the salaries for the campaign director and coordinator, which is a combined monthly total of $13,433 plus an additional $2,000 in monthly operating costs. However, it’s now unclear how much money for fundraising might be needed in 2020.

The budget was drafted in October, when commissioners were considering running a bond early next year to ask voters to help pay for a $28.4 million new aquatic center. The plan was to raise $14 million through private donations and ask voters to cover the rest.

The commissioners hired fundraising staff before the quiet phase of the fundraising effort began in October 2018. Last month, officials confirmed that $2.5 million of the $14 million goal had been raised.

Commissioners decided against a February bond request while they explore an alternative — a potential partnership with the City of Anacortes on a joint recreation facility. The city wants to raise money to build a community center.

A decision concerning 2020 fundraising efforts for the pool has not been made yet, Everton said.

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