Curtis Wharf

Corrosion repairs at Curtis Wharf are coming soon, according to Port of Anacortes Executive Director Dan Worra.

By Briana Alzola

Work continues for the Port of Anacortes on its “Big Four” capital projects this year.

Excavation is expected to be completed Friday at Quiet Cove, located at Second Street and O Avenue, port Executive Director Dan Worra said at a Port of Anacortes Commissioners meeting last week.

At that site, about 75% of the contaminated soil, or 2,500 cubic yards, had been cleaned up as of Sept. 17, Worra said. Site restoration is expected to start Monday, Sept. 28. That process of bringing in noncontaminated soil to refill the site should be done by Oct. 16, he told commissioners.

The work is very visible from the road, Worra said. It’s an active site, with container after container of petroleum-contaminated soil being moved out every day.

“You can’t get there early enough to see it empty,” he said. “They are always out there working.”

Under-pier work was expected to start this week at Pier 1 (where the Port’s offices and Transit Shed are located). The pilings beneath the pier are being replaced, and some above-water work is also going on, Worra said.

Work isn’t visible at A Dock (at Cap Sante Marina) yet, but behind-the-scenes procurement of materials is well underway, Worra said.

On-site work should start Oct. 21.

Corrosion repairs at Curtis Wharf (also at O Avenue and Second Street) will start Oct. 1, Worra said.

The port commission also approved the surplus of a home at 508 Third Street.

The port has owned the home and rented it out for several years, Worra said. It is now vacant and a visible walk-through showed it in no condition to be rented again.

Worra also believes it is unsellable. In the past, the Port has tried to sell some of the houses on its property but has not found buyers to come and take the house away, even for a selling price of $1, Commissioner Jon Petrich said.

Now that the surplus is approved by the commission, the Port plans to demolish the building.

The commission also approved roughly $78,600 for a new WiFi system at Cap Sante marina. The current system was put in place in 2013, but is no longer working well, Information Technology Manager Anthony Esposito said.

All equipment is in weather-resistant packaging to keep everything cool and dry, but being outside in the elements is still hard on technology equipment.

At any given time, more than 100 devices are connected to the free WiFi at the marina, and the busy summer months can mean more than 300 

devices, he said.

“Demand has grown over the years,” he said.

The Port of Anacortes recently signed on to the city’s fiber network, which increased speeds to 10 times what they were before the switch, but the equipment still can’t keep up. People docking at the marina expect high-quality internet connection included in their stay.

The money for the upgrades is coming out of the port’s general fund.

The Port of Anacortes will be looking over its 2021 budget in the coming months.

It will host a budget work session at 2 p.m. on Oct. 1, followed by budget discussion at the regular meeting at 7 p.m. that day.

A preliminary budget will be released the week of Oct. 5, and the commissioners are expected to hold a public hearing and approve the final budget at its meeting at 7 p.m., Nov. 5.

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