A woman can be seen in video surveillance film exiting her car at the Guemes Island Ferry terminal in Anacortes, walking alone down the ferry ramp and then disappearing from view.

It’s not known whether she jumped into the water, or slipped and fell in, San Juan County Sheriff Ron Krebs said Dec. 18.

The ferry was tied up for the night, and the ferry crew was gone. The far end of the ramp was dark and grainy in the film. “She disappeared from view,” Krebs said. “She walked down the ramp and never came back.”

Investigators from the Anacortes Police Department and San Juan County Sheriff’s Office were to meet Tuesday, Dec. 22, to discuss the latest information from the investigation into the death of Davida T. Bent, 70, who had a massage therapy practice on Sixth Street in downtown Anacortes. San Juan County is involved in the investigation because Bent’s body was found there Dec. 12 on a beach in Lopez Island’s Hunter Bay.

San Juan County Prosecuting Attorney Randall Gaylord, who is also his county’s coroner, released Bent’s identity Monday. He said her body is with the Snohomish County Medical Examiner’s Office, which performs autopsies for San Juan County.

Krebs said investigators found identification on Bent’s body. Anacortes Police Capt. Dave Floyd said San Juan County Sheriff’s investigators contacted his department the day her body was found and “asked us to check shoreline areas for her vehicle. We found it at the terminal.”

Floyd and Krebs said they don’t believe at this point that there was foul play. Krebs said the woman had sustained an injury to her head, but said it may have happened en route from the dock to the water.

“It is still being investigated,” Floyd said of the woman’s death and the circumstances leading to it. “There are a few different steps we need to do,” he said. Meanwhile, Gaylord said investigators were awaiting a response Monday to subpoenas for Bent’s bank and telephone records.

Gaylord asked that anyone with information that could shed light on Bent’s last days contact Anacortes Police, 360-293-4684 during business hours; 911 dispatch center, 360-428-3211, after business hours; or the detective tip line, 360-299-1985, any time.

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