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The following is a sampling of the calls Anacortes police responded to from Thursday, Nov. 18 until Saturday, Nov. 27:

Thursday, Nov. 18

• A 28-year-old Anacortes man faces charges after reportedly abusing one of the family dogs. The man left before police arrived and had allegedly threatened to kill himself and others. Officers, including the animal control officer, checked on the two large, friendly dogs. At that time, the suspect returned to the house. He refused to talk to police but told officers the dog disobeyed him. He was told to leave the house, which he did. Officers found fresh signs of abuse in the house. A household member noted the man has become more violent. The dog was taken to a vet for an exam, which determined the dog suffered blunt force trauma and possible choking. The investigation continues.

Friday, Nov. 19

• A 28-year-old Anacortes woman reported a suspicious white van had been parked outside her residence for the past 10 minutes. She said before parking, it had circled several times around 9 p.m. An officer contacted the driver, who was a city employee who was called out for a water issue and was looking for the problem area.

Saturday, Nov. 20

• A 69-year-old Anacortes man reported an attempted fraud. He received a notice from his bank that his new credit card was on the way, which he had not requested. He contacted his bank and was able to cancel the new card and flag his account. He later received a Post Office confirmation of his address change, which he also did not request. He was able to stop the change and reported it to the Postal Police.

• A 29-year-old Anacortes man reported a social media account was hacked and he was scammed into investing $500 in a Bitcoin deal from someone who pretended to be someone he knew. He contacted his bank, who refunded the money to his account. He was encouraged to change all his passwords.

• The Everett Police Department requested assistance in contacting a 47-year-old Anacortes man about a recovered gun. Anacortes officers contacted the man, who confirmed the gun was stolen but said he had not yet reported it. The gun was not linked with a crime as far as Everett knew. The man was told to contact Everett PD.

• A 67-year-old Anacortes woman was arrested on a charge of criminal trespass after allegedly refusing to leave the hospital dining area after being asked to leave. She was there for hours and was reportedly talking to herself. She was not a patient or a guest. She became hostile when officers arrived and refused to leave unless the hospital manager spoke with her. When officers told the woman she was under arrest, she resisted, yelled for help and kicked an officer. She was detained, then cited and released.

• A caller reported a man laying on the ground by some bushes shaking just before 2 p.m. Officer located the 55-year-old man, who claimed someone took his coat. It was later determined he left it at a business, where it was retrieved. Aid responded, but the man declined assistance. He said he was trying to get back to Bremerton. He was provided with a ride to the Park and Ride and given a bus pass to get to Mount Vernon.

• An employee at a store on Q Avenue reported a woman took items without paying and was in the parking lot. When confronted, the woman dropped a DeWalt tool kit worth $579 and left on foot. Employees later determined several people may have been involved in the theft. Officers were provided video of the incident. Additional items were also stolen, totaling more than $400. The investigation continues.

• A 61-year-old Bellevue man reported his vehicle was allegedly hit with a cane by a man over a parking issue at a business on Q Avenue around 2:30 p.m. The man said he pulled into a parking spot and sat in his vehicle for a short time. Another vehicle honked at him, and he went inside. When he returned, he was told by a witness that the driver of the other vehicle struck the victim’s vehicle with a cane. Officers talked to a witness, who said the driver grabbed what appeared to be a wooden cane and started stabbing at the vehicle. The witness yelled at the man to stop, which he did and drove off. Officers were provided a license plate for the offending vehicle and attempted to contact the man without success. The victim said he did not wish to pursue charges. Estimated damage is $100.

• A caller reported that a window on a Commercial Avenue building was smeared with feces. Officers observed a smear on the entry door to the building. Later, officers were provided with security footage, which showed a 71-year-old Anacortes man as the suspect. He also reportedly told an employee of the business that he smeared feces on the door because they called police on him.

• A 26-year-old Davenport woman was arrested on a charge of DUI after reportedly striking a parked truck shortly before midnight on M Avenue. An officer noted there were open alcohol containers in her vehicle. She performed poorly on field sobriety tests and was arrested. She provided breath samples that exceeded the legal limit. Her vehicle was towed due to the accident, and she was released to a sober friend.

Sunday, Nov. 21

• A 66-year-old Anacortes man reported someone entered his storage shed on Sixth Street and stole about $350 worth of tools. Video surveillance showed a person going inside early in the morning and removing items.

• Two horses apparently broke out of their fenced enclosure on H Avenue and were being controlled by a passerby near the sidewalk. Officers, with help of the passerby, got the horses back into their enclosure. The owner later arrived and worked to close the gap that had been made in the fence.

• Officers were called to the ferry terminal about a man who had stayed there all day. He said he was trying to get to Bremerton and showed ferry staff a bus pass he had. Officers contacted the 55-year-old man, who they recognized from the previous day. He was again provided a ride to the Park and Ride. It was eventually arranged for the man to enter the Skagit First Step Center, and he was provided a ride.

• A 45-year-old Anacortes woman called to report her vehicle stolen after she let a friend borrow it overnight, and he was late returning the vehicle. She told officers the friend said he would return it by 8 a.m. The friend told her the vehicle was stuck in a ditch near the Fidalgo Bay Resort and then stopped accepting her calls. She called police around 7 p.m. Officers said that since she gave the 32-year-old man permission to use the vehicle, it became a civil matter. Officers were later informed of a vehicle in the ditch in the area described and contacted the woman and the man at the scene. The man claimed not to have been driving and said he was there simply to help the woman retrieve her vehicle. There did not appear to be any damage.

• An Anacortes woman called to report that people were threatening her 20-year-old son, who was assaulted the previous night in Bellingham. A suspect was cited and released in Bellingham. Suspects reportedly drove by their residence around 9:20 p.m. and called the son’s phone, making threats. The 20-year-old man said he was returning home when he noticed several vehicles following him. When he arrived, the people rolled down their windows and flipped him off. He said a suspect then called. The man said he was worried due to the previous assault. He provided officers with a phone number associated with the suspect. Officers talked to the suspect, who reportedly said there is “bad blood” with the man. He allegedly admitted to driving by and calling. He was counseled on his behavior and told not to return to the address. The family has information on how to obtain a no-contact order.

Monday, Nov. 22

• A caller reported a large boat blocking a stop sign at Sixth Street and J Avenue. An officer located the boat on a trailer, both of which were in a white winterized wrap. The boat was backed up almost touching the stop sign post. The officer noted not being able to see the stop sign from the street due to the boat. Officers contacted the 68-year-old Anacortes man who owned the boat and requested he move it further up the hill. The man informed the officer he was an attorney and that he didn’t have to move his boat and would fight it. The officer replied he could be ticketed for parking within 30 feet of a stop sign. The man said he would work on moving the boat.

Tuesday, Nov. 23

• A 30-year-old Anacortes woman reported her vehicle was stolen overnight. She parked near her apartment complex the previous evening, leaving the doors unlocked as she did not leave anything of value in there and didn’t want the windows broken. She had only one set of keys. She came out the next morning and the vehicle was gone.

• A caller reported following a vehicle westbound on Oakes Avenue that was weaving with significant speed changes, nearly stopping in the roadway around 3:55 p.m. Officers followed the vehicle until the driver arrived at her residence. Officers contacted the 94-year-old woman who said she slowed down due to sun in her eyes. Officers noted there was no indication she was intoxicated.

• A 57-year-old Sedro-Woolley woman reported her vehicle had struck a box spring in the roadway, which had come dislodged from a vehicle in front of her. Her vehicle sustained damage. She said the vehicle with the box spring pulled over and gave her with a phone number and insurance policy number and then left, leaving the box spring behind. Officers called the number, which was not working. The woman was able to drive her car from the scene.

• A 39-year-old man was booked into jail on an investigative hold for felony harassment after a woman reported he pulled a knife and stood nearby in the roadway around 6 p.m. in the area of 22nd Street and T Avenue. The woman reported she was in her vehicle when the man approached and leaned in aggressively with the knife and said something. She was unable to hear more due to her window being up. She noted her child was in the back seat. Officers contacted the man, who told officers the vehicle was parked behind his for some time with the headlights on, which made him nervous for his safety. He said he got out of his vehicle to confront the driver. He said he had a multitool in his hand, but not a knife. The woman said she could clearly see a knife.

Wednesday, Nov. 24

• A 16-year-old Anacortes girl reported someone placed leaves on her windshield, a pumpkin on her roof and some rocks under a tire while parked at the high school. It was determined there was no damage, and it was likely a prank.

• Officers were called to a hit-and-run collision around 8:30 p.m. in the area of 22nd Street and T Avenue. Officers found a vehicle on the grass east of the sidewalk with extensive front-end damage, both tires horizontal and multiple airbags deployed. The front bumper was inside the vehicle. It appeared the vehicle hit the curb at a high rate of speed before sliding along the sidewalk. Officers noted it had been raining and the roadway was wet. Officers contacted one of the registered owners, who said her 21-year-old son was associated with the vehicle. Later the next day, officers were able to speak with the man, who admitted he was driving and wrecked his vehicle after losing control. He denied drinking. He told officers he didn’t know how to get the car out and left the scene. He said he was going through the roundabout at T Avenue and accelerated at the wrong time, which caused him to lose control. On Nov. 26, a caller reported damage to a trailer converter dolly in the area of the collision. It was determined the damage was likely caused by the vehicle involved in the earlier incident. The investigation continues.

Saturday, Nov. 27

A 59-year-old Anacortes man reported someone from the Geek Squad attempted to get him to buy gift cards, saying they had deposited $10,000 into his account by accident. Supposedly this was a refund from him canceling his auto-renew. The caller did not buy the gift cards, though he did provide some of his banking information. He was encouraged to contact his bank and close his account.

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