Finally, we get some great news as Gov. Jay Inslee announced that hospital services and elective procedures can resume.

It’s been a long and challenging journey as we reduced outpatient services, canceled elective surgeries and adjusted staffing hours. I am grateful for the understanding and patience from our community, staff and providers as we worked through this pandemic crisis.

We can’t express our appreciation enough for those who have supported our hospital and clinics with the meals, monetary donations, gifts of food, flowers, letters, snacks, signs and more; and the outstanding response to following social distancing and wearing masks as we worked to protect our patients and staff members.

Island Hospital and our clinics have worked hard to protect our environment by strengthening our cleanliness and preventative standards to protect both our community and our health care team. 

We continue to screen every person who enters any of our buildings, require masks for all and perform additional sanitizing to high-touch areas. 

Our environmental services staff are here around the clock ensuring that we are as clean as possible in all patient, waiting and public areas. 

We have reconfigured our seating to ensure social distancing and continuously train and monitor staff in the proper use of PPE.

We are a very safe place to receive care.

Over the coming weeks, we anticipate that scheduled visits will return to full services. We look forward to ramping up our services and bringing our team back to our campus to provide care. This standing up of our services will be performed in concert with community demand.

In addition, all patients scheduled for a surgical procedure or coming in to deliver a new baby will be required to be pretested for COVID-19. For births, the mother is allowed one partner to be in the room supporting her, and this partner must be tested, as well.

It’s extremely important that you schedule an appointment with your provider if you need care. 

Our clinics are open for in-person as well as telemedicine visits. To make an appointment, visit or call 360-293-3101 to request an appointment.

Our Emergency Department is always open 24/7, and other hospital areas such as the Laboratory and Diagnostic Imaging are available to take care of any testing needs you may have. If you’ve had an elective surgery or other procedure cancelled, be sure to contact your provider to reschedule your appointment.

Make no mistake, we’re doing well and gradually getting back to business, but the battle against the coronavirus is not over.

As we seek stronger treatment and a vaccine, we continue to focus on protection and prevention as we learn to live with coronavirus. What you may have witnessed here at the hospital over the past two months is the new normal. We need to continue screening checks at all access points, enforce the wearing of masks for everyone inside and ensure social distancing when possible.

The past two weeks have held very good news for our community, with no new positive cases appearing in tests at Island Hospital over the last 15 days. We have tested 930 patients, and remain at 28 or only 3% positive.

Again, thank you for your support during these challenging times. Please continue to follow infection prevention precautions, and be confident that Island Hospital and our clinics are ready to safely care for you.

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