Walters best mayor choice

Anacortes is certainly on the cusp of significant change, especially when resources continue to be tight, and the constraints of COVID-19 burden all of us. Despite these challenges, it is clearly obvious our best choice for mayor is Ryan Walters.

I’ve had the chance to meet Ryan and listen to his vision of the future for Anacortes on at least two occasions, and we have exchanged emails in response to my queries.

Overall, I find Ryan to be extraordinarily intelligent and well prepared when responding to questions about our future. Ryan impresses me with his substantial knowledge and experience in municipal planning and management as well as financial and budget issues.

Ryan has my vote.

Ernie Hayden



Miller a proven leader

In many community roles, Matt Miller has displayed the abilities, desire and leadership skills to be the mayor we need in Anacortes.

His is a long record of service to citizens, including time as a city council member, planning commission member, Lodging Tax Committee chair and the Skagit County Ferry Advisory Committee. As a business owner, he partnered with his spouse Heather to operate a downtown children’s retail store for 15 years. He also served on the Anacortes Chamber of Commerce Board. In each of these arenas, I watched Matt operate with integrity, as well as with empathy and respect for the views of others.

Most significant in a candidate for mayor, Matt has a proven record of leadership at the Whidbey Naval Air Station where he worked as executive officer, overseeing 400 people and running the day-to-day operations of the base.

In all of these leadership roles, Matt has shown he focuses on collaboration with others to achieve results with different teams across a variety of projects and situations, a talent he will bring to the job of mayor in Anacortes. Please vote for Matt Miller for Anacortes mayor.

Tom Decker



Walters will hit ground running

I am writing in support of Ryan Walters for mayor of Anacortes.

Ryan has deep connections to Anacortes, having grown up here, gone off to college and law school, and then chosen Anacortes as his home. As an attorney specializing in land use and municipal law and as the most senior member of the Anacortes City Council, he brings unmatched experience in local government that is critical to being able to hit the ground running as our next mayor.

Ryan has a holistic approach to support our economic and community recovery from the pandemic while preserving our small-town character, our historic commercial buildings and the environment. I trust Ryan to make real, systematic progress to rebuild our streets, connect our unfinished sidewalks, keep traffic and speeds under control within neighborhoods and build “complete streets” for all users.

He’s the only candidate who’s mentioned reducing the costs of our utilities and improving the performance, efficiency and customer service of our city government. He has a long history of providing real opportunities for public engagement through the community meetings he’s hosted, which he would carry through as mayor to all city departments.

Ryan is the clear choice for mayor.

Linda Ann Lipke



Walters for mayor

Out of curiosity about the workings of city government, I’ve attended or watched numerous City Council meetings in the last several years.

It leads me to believe Ryan Walters, currently serving on the council, is best suited to be our next mayor. He does his homework, considers it critically, offers thoughtful input and asks key questions. This is all done while considering costs to taxpayers, balancing growth with ecological integrity, and prioritizing transparency.

He will move us forward with strong stewardship as mayor, and for this reason, I hope you’ll join me in voting for Ryan Walters.

Kathleen Lorence-Flanagan



Miller has the experience

When I’m going to hire someone to work for me, one of the top questions is, “Do you have relevant experience?” The answer weighs heavily in my final decision to hire that special person. The clear choice is Matt Miller for mayor.

He has a proven track record of relevant experience and leadership. He and Heather operated the best “grandma shop” small business in Anacortes for many years, until online competitors made it impossible to continue.

Matt had a distinguished 22-year career in the Navy and as executive officer was essentially the “mayor” of NAS Whidbey. Public service, executive experience and small business owner.

To my question of “do you have relevant experience,” Matt Miller for mayor of Anacortes is clearly the right answer.

Linda Wilhoit



Hubik for City Council

I offer my support for Amanda Hubik, who is a candidate for Anacortes City Council, Position 4.

You can tell a lot about a person by how they garden, or if they garden at all. Planting seeds and watching them slowly grow, blossom and produce a bounty for harvest is a slow and systematic process. Not unlike developing policy or building coalitions to address things like food deserts, the housing crisis or an economic recovery after COVID.

As a leader of the Anacortes Middle School Garden volunteers, I found Amanda to be methodical, eager to learn and attentive. She is already thinking ahead for the winter and into next year. She listens closely to the other team members, absorbing educational moments with her fellow gardeners.

I’ve seen this same intensity with Amanda at other places. I first got to know her through her involvement with the Indivisible network across Skagit County and Fidalgo Island. She has been a champion for equity and diversity, women’s rights, clean air and water, the LGBTQIA+ community, and the music and arts culture on our island (she paints, too).

Together, our vote for Amanda will plant strong seeds for the future.

Warren Carr



Graf for council position 4

The City Council must have voices that represent all the peoples of Anacortes – that essential diversity so often discussed.

Jeff Graf will bring maturity, business acumen and a record of leadership and public service to the council.

His will be the voice of fiscal responsibility and measurable objectives on a City Council needing that discipline. His will be the voice of positive collaboration and pragmatic leadership to represent all the citizens of Anacortes.

His will be the voice of experience to attract new and support existing businesses that are the lifeblood of our community in our industrial, commercial and downtown districts. His will be the voice of a community the seeks to develop a vibrant waterfront and a diversity of housing options while retaining the Anacortes vibe that his family and all of us cherish.

As someone who has successfully served his county and his community for more than 35 years, Jeff has stepped forward to serve once again. I urge you to vote Jeff Graf for City Council Position 4.

Steve Wilhoit


Vote for Farnsworth

I have known Diana Farnsworth since she began work at Anacortes Public Library a little more than six years ago. She has always impressed me with her intelligence, work ethic and energy.

Diana is an attentive listener and a problem solver. She listened when the out-of-town students in the Anacortes School District were asking for help in getting a library card without having to pay an annual fee. Diana was instrumental in partnering with the Anacortes School District and the city to ensure that each student in the district receives a free library card, a partnership that still stands today.

Diana works well in a collaborative manner, is a creative thinker, has tremendous organizational skills and has an eye for detail. Diana is well-spoken and is also an attentive listener.

Her compassion for others, whether parent or student, would serve her well on the School Board.

Diana loves the Anacortes community, and she wants to help in any way she can to make this an even better place to live, work and learn. Please consider giving her your vote.

Doug Woods



Schorr for School Board

I have lived in Anacortes my entire life and graduated with the Class of 2020 at Anacortes High School.

With my class especially, we have seen some troubling times. Luckily we had, and have, a good school board to maneuver through challenges.

However, if we had a person like Erik Schorr on our School Board, challenges would be a breeze.

Erik is a business owner of the best tourist attraction in Anacortes (which I’m honored to be an employee of), a husband, and the father of two amazing kids.

Every day, Erik is faced with challenges at his business (Anacortes Kayak Tours), and he always overcomes them with a smile on his face because he is determined and gets stuff done. He then still has time to have a great family life and be nice to everyone no matter how stressful the day has been.

That’s the kind of person every school board needs, which is why Erik Schorr is the best candidate to fill that position.

Gavon Long



Farnsworth for School Board

It is with great confidence and enthusiasm that I write this letter of recommendation in support of Diana Farnsworth for position 2 on the Anacortes School Board.

Having served on our School Board, I believe I understand the qualities we need in our board members. Diana has these qualities.

She is smart, works hard, and most important, she is a good listener. She will listen to the concerns of parents, of community members, and of course, teachers.

However, I think her most notable qualities are her genuine desire to help young people learn and become good citizens. And, she has a good heart.

Robert Maxson


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