We ask that letters for the Anacortes American Views page voice opinions on local news issues, have one author and be 400 words or less. (200 max for election endorsements)

Please include the author's name, address and phone number. We publish only name and area of residence (Anacortes, Guemes Island or South Fidalgo).

We give preference to specifically local issues but may accept opinions on other news issues as space allows. We ask that you include sources for any information presented as facts, particularly numbers, to support your opinion.

We try to publish letters received by noon Friday the following week, as space permits.

Send letters to news@goanacortes.com or use our online form.

Election Letters

We accept endorsements of up to 200 words in support of individual candidates after the filing period ends each May. These are endorsements, not criticisms of opponents. Repeat endorsements of a candidate by the same person are not allowed. No form letters allowed.

What kind of content is not published?

• Libel that could get you and us sued.

• Opinions that denounce a race or sexual orientation, support hate or violence or are generally offensive.

• Letters that try to report news. The page is for opinion, not reporting.

• Public service announcements or advocacy for fundraisers or nonprofits.

• Hearsay not been previously reported or printed.

• Opinions that evangelize (preach). We also discourage letters that are critical of religion simply because the writer disagrees. However, we realize that some news topics concern elements of religion, and we do allow civil commentary as it relates to impact on the public.

• Form letters and letters signed by more than one author or a group. We want original writings and opinions from individual local readers.

• Open letters. Please address letters to the editor.

• Criticisms of a business, agency or private individual won't be published.

• Rude, mean-spirited letters won't be published. Respect is expected.

• Letters that rehash arguments on ongoing issues without a new news angle.

• Thanks letters, while well-intentioned, are better sent personally. If you deem a public thank you necessary, the Advertising Department can assist.

• Any letter the editor deems inappropriate won't be published.

Can anyone write a letter?

Yes, anyone may write to the editor. However, we generally only publish letters from readers in our coverage area. Letters from children are rarely published but will be considered on a case-by-case basis.

We do not publish letters from political candidates while their candidacy is active. The Advertising Department is available to help candidates get their message out. The News Department can be contacted about news stories.

If the writer is a public official or works in some public capacity, that title may be included with the letter, even if they are not speaking in their official capacity. 

What happens when you reject a letter?

We may or may not contact you. Time and workload often dictate whether we let an author know if their letter does not meet our criteria. Please feel free to check with us if you have not heard anything within a couple of weeks. 

Additional questions?