This is in reply to the Sept. 21 Letter to the Editor, “Swift action needed to protect city.”

I wish to point out a few false conclusions that letter made about the unhoused population of Anacortes.

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This is JUST an instance where the "Homeless Haven Campervans" were caught, imagine how many times they are NOT.

Sunday, Oct. 16

• A woman was seen taking items out of a donation bin in town. The reporting party said the woman left with a man in a pickup truck. The reporting party followed the vehicle to T Avenue, where it parked near motorhomes parked there. Officers contacted an Anacortes woman who admitted taking the items and gave them back. She said she thought that if the items were outside of the box, you could take them. The responding officer returned them to the donation bin.


My garage was broken into and an electric bike and spare batteries were stolen. Bike was found in a rear storage shed, with video of homeless guy leaving shed with large bag under arm. Nice cop gave me back the bike, but batteries missing. Cop said he knew the guy, but couldn't charge him as no video of him with bike. Well! Don't get me wrong, I support cops and love 'em, but he at least could have asked the guy- he may have caved and returned the batteries (value nearly $2.000). Cop admitted that they are hesitant to confront miscreants for fear of being sued. Well, I think there is room for at least a little more assertive enforcement.

The homeless are NOT VICTIMS! Almost all (I know as I had a career prosecuting and helping to run a large Govt agency) are homeless because their chosen drug use precludes any employment and they spend all their often ill gotten money on drugs rather than homes. There are towns around Puget Sound that are over run by bumper to bumper trailers and vans, full of crime and violence. DON'T LET ANACORTES be the next homeless haven. Notice that the number of homeless vans has steadily increased over time? Word gets around on the "street" if you let them in and enforcement is lax.

It's easy to make oneself feel good by being one of the uninformed compassionate, especially if you haven't been victimized yet. But if you have a career of first hand exposure to criminals and the criminal homeless, common sense demands that you look at reality and the consequences of allowing

Anacortes to become another "Homeless Haven".

Allen Hill John Hodgson, Esq. (Member of NJ Courts, all federal Courts, including US Supreme Court) (Retired), Old Town.

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