Stopping drivers for expired tags too risky

If we don’t pay our property taxes or our income taxes, the government doesn’t tase us, arrest us, handcuff us, shoot us and maybe kill us.

Why does the government use law enforcement to enforce expired license tags?

The police maintain that traffic surveillance and control is all about safety. What do license tags have to do with safety?

Giving a motorist a ticket for expired license tags is simply raising revenue for the government.

Whether you live in your house or not, you still pay property taxes. An option might be to collect the license tax whether you drive or not. This would eliminate the police and the disasters that often result.

When the police stop a motorist for expired tags, it sometimes leads to death. And then it escalates as protestors are pepper-sprayed, tear-gassed, hit with rubber bullets and maybe killed.

The cost of this enforcement night after night is in the millions and the lawsuits that follow more millions. Crazy.

Wes Wolfe


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