Fiber should be run underground

Anacortes fiber is now being installed, however I cannot have it connected unless I have a conduit installed to bring the service underground.

The new fiber now hangs in the air, along with my neighbors’ two houses away. Utility companies have talked about running all services underground. This won’t happen in my lifetime and probably not yours.

The city’s attitude is it’s law and no exceptions. If it’s the law, then the city should be placing the fiber underground. If the city has an exception, then there should be one for customers.

Wayne Lantz



Is another roundabout necessary?

A roundabout at 32nd and M? I know it’s annoying when you’re on M and trying to cross 32nd, and it can take a long time until there’s a break in traffic. But does our town seriously need another roundabout?

They take so much money and time to build, not to mention the traffic mess created by road construction. It would be much more cost-effective and less of a construction mess at a major intersection if the city would simply make it a four-way stop instead of a two-way stop.

Wouldn’t that be so much easier?

Tia Austin


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