Raising taxes is not the answer

In regards to Letter to the Editor Feb. 5, “Beware downside of an income tax” by Joe Wall, very good letter and expresses major concerns.

I was under the impression that many years ago the tax situation was debated, and it was decided at that time that if there were to be taxes, there could be only the real estate tax or the state income tax — not both. It seems to me that the Democrats, when they take over government, there seems to be only one thing on their minds — tax and spend.

No consideration is given to balancing a budget with existing funds. They have to raise more taxes.

No wonder, just look where we are now with “license tabs” — still no decision.

Where are the rights of the voters? I do not want to see us become another California, and we are surely headed that way.

People must get involved in the public arena, and change the atmosphere in Olympia. If we are to change the happenings, we all must get involved.

Chuck Bush


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