Time to find a voice of unity

What happened Wednesday, Jan. 6, is a disgrace but not a surprise.

Freedom of speech comes with responsibility. When we speak, we are responsible for our words. Words are a call to action. Words can heal a wound; words can create great hurt.

There is, perhaps, redemption in words. Trump must cauterize this wound that he has created. This wound of hate. This wound of disenfranchisement.

To those who say the people marching are angry, I say “so am I.” I am angry that the rights of women are being eroded. I am angry that a Black woman has to worry about her boys getting shot. I am angry that this pandemic has been handled so poorly and that I watch people struggle every day. I am angry that even though 50% of the population is female, I see a disproportional amount of men in positions of power. I am angry that age discrimination is so prevalent in this nation.

In all my anger, I would never desecrate our nation’s Capitol. In my anger, I would never call for violence against our nation. Now, in my anger, in my dismay, in my rage and unrelenting fury, I call to each of you. I call to each of you to join together in a voice.

Are there those with me that are socially liberal and fiscally conservative? Are there those among you who agree that there are overreaching government practices that need to cease? Are there those of you that agree that small businesses are being strangled by Washington state government? If yes, let’s find a voice. Let’s rejoin our political parties that we have stepped away from because of their fringe politics, and let’s raise our voices to join together to bring our nation together in a glorious anthem of unity.

Barbara Atterberry


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