Vote yes on housing 

As a concerned citizen of Anacortes, I am writing this letter in support of the 1/10 of 1 percent sales tax ballot initiative in February that will bring $6.5 million for affordable housing to our city.

This one-time opportunity to keep sales tax that normally goes to Olympia is an amazing opportunity to keep money in our community. While this initiative will cost the average household about $20 per year, it will pay to build three shovel-ready project of 50 units of workforce housing that could house up to 200 individuals and families. Many of these people are folks that work in Anacortes and would like to live in Anacortes, but cannot afford to do so. These three housing initiatives (20 units being built by the Anacortes Family Center and 30 by the Anacortes Housing Authority) will allow those who keep our service industry alive and vital to not only work in our community, but to live here, as well. This would also help employers here to hire people who can work and live here.

Along with 50 units of housing, this initiative will pay for the Anacortes Family Center to build a new childcare center in town for 35 children. This service has been desperately needed for years. Also, it will allow the Anacortes Housing Authority to preserve the beautiful and historic Olsen Building in town, bring housing to the second floor, retain the current retail space and preserve its facade.

It is a rare opportunity to leverage dollars usually given back to Olympia in order to build affordable housing in our community. Let’s not lose this important opportunity.

Please vote yes for the housing initiative on the special February ballot.

Ann Hutchinson Meyers


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