Schools should be reopened

Skagitonians’ rights as citizens with kids in elementary and high school are being usurped. High school kids will be going to school two days a week, closed Wednesday and taught the other two days on “the tube.”

There is a major problem here. What do both working parents or one-parent families do when they have to work?

Our governor, I understand, has advocated for this method of handling our schools this coming year. Can anyone be in favor of this? I say no way.

We have two grandsons, one in and the other entering high school this year.

Thankfully, we no longer have kids in school, but that does not alleviate concern that we have for those who are in this predicament. This is insane and very highly political.

Instead of putting the kids further behind, why don’t we test all kids entering schools, and if test is passed, allow a five-day school week, cleanup crews work the weekend to assure clean classes each week? Kids wear masks; cleanup products readily available.

I think it’s past time for the continual bull. Let’s get to work and open the schools.

One more item: school taxes. Why should we pay these taxes? How many parents want their kids back in school? And under what conditions? We are doing more harm to our children than good.

Chuck Bush



Vote Lundsten for county office

Mark Lundsten, running for District 1 county commissioner, will offer a fresh perspective on the challenges facing Skagit County.

His experience as a hardworking halibut fisherman in Alaska included involvement with a successful cooperative effort to resolve severe overcrowding and conservation issues in that fishery, ensuring a fair and sustainable harvest for all. He has had first-hand experience successfully dealing with the kinds of social problems facing many Skagit residents.

Mark’s time on the Skagit County Planning Commission, where he presently serves, demonstrates his commitment to public dialogue, civility and openness to hearing and fairly considering all sides of issues. He will bring this same approach to key issues in Skagit County around water, housing, the social and economic impacts of the COVID-19 pandemic, and finally addressing the local effects of a changing climate.

Skagit County needs the fresh approach and openness to other perspectives that Mark will bring. Please vote for Mark Lundsten for Skagit County commissioner.

Carolyn Gastellum


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