Keep Wesen as Skagit County commissioner

Why Ron Wesen for Skagit County commissioner again? First and foremost, why the heck not? He’s done a great job serving Skagit Valley in every aspect of his commissioner role. More, Ron is a genuinely good man who believes strongly in advocating for everything that residents cherish in living here.

As important, ask anyone who knows Ron, has worked with or for him, has crossed his path in any way, he is also someone who is approachable and genuinely interested in hearing whatever someone has to say. In other works, he is a likeable guy who likes people and wants to help whenever and in whatever way he can.

Personally, he is the exactly the kind of person I want representing me on the County Board of Commissioners. Someone who is willing to listen, willing to take a stand on what’s important, and willing to challenge the status quo, the naysayers, the headstrong, the list goes on, to get what’s best for Skagit Valley and its residents.

I encourage you to vote to retain Ron Wesen as a Skagit County commissioner. I know I am.

James T. English



Citizens should listen to the


Our rights are not being usurped. Listen to the experts on reopening our schools.

An expert is one who has experience and education on the subject, and in this case, that would be a scientist trained in handling pandemics and/or an educator who has actually taught public school for many years.

We don’t have the money for personnel, equipment, or training to test all the children, teachers and supplemental staff for COVID-19. We don’t have enough “cleanup” crews for hospitals, let alone public schools. And students have to be taught to wear masks properly; we can’t get adults to wear them properly even if they do consent.

I no longer have kids in school, but I have two daughters who are teachers, and they are being asked to resume in-person teaching. I have three grandsons who are school age and need to start soon, but I am not in favor of sending them back to school to become statistics. Let’s resume school when we can guarantee that every man, woman and child will come home alive and well.

By the way, I pay taxes for government services like schools, streets, fire protection, police, water and (I wish) health care. Schools will reopen when the experts say it is safe, or when there is a vaccine.

In the meantime, we on the sidelines can help by supporting our schools fully, backing the decisions made in the best interests of all our children.

Sally Pullen



Yost Neidzwski for Superior Court judge

I will vote for Elizabeth Yost Neidzwski for Superior Court judge. She cares about our community and is fair and unbiased.

I have known Elizabeth for about 25 years, both personally and professionally. I have followed her path as a student to a civil litigation attorney and as senior deputy public defender.

In all aspects of her work, she strives for excellence, attends to details and is empathetic and passionate about working with our most vulnerable populations, including the mentally ill, the homeless and those with addictions. In all situations, she is fair and does what is right.

Elizabeth has worked with clients from across the socioeconomic spectrum, from wealthy corporations and small business owners to homeless families and inmates on death row. She has dedicated her career to upholding the Constitution and dismantling the many barriers to accessing justice.

Please join me in supporting Elizabeth for Superior Court judge.

Maggie Thompson



Give peace a chance

Peace. So many of us cry out for it. We desire to live our lives with simple joys shared with family and friends. Now would be a great time to be united by all we have in common with one another.

Most of us would love to see our nation as a safe place to raise our children and grandchildren. We would love for them to have some of the same pleasures that give us so many heartwarming memories. No matter who we are, most of us desire those good things for our kids.

Do you recall such fun times as riding your bike with friends to see who could go the fastest? Feeling the wind blow against your face? Most of us remember long, hot summer days being refreshed by running through the sprinkler, or hearing the ice cream man coming around the corner.

It was a really special day when we were able to buy a sweet, cold treat to enjoy quickly before it melted.

What fun it was tromping through piles of dry leaves in the cool fall air, or splashing through puddles in our rain boots, getting wet with muddy water. Playing in the snow was such great fun too, and then coming inside to warm up with a cup of cocoa with marshmallows.

I hope all of us can let those memories give us some common ground and unite as Americans. We can try to make Anacortes a great place to live our lives. Let’s all care for one another and try to brighten someone’s day.

We might find the peace we are looking for, or we may have to be the one to bring peace to others. Let’s all try to be peacemakers. I guess what I’m saying is, “Give peace a chance.”

Terry Austin


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