Show kindness to others

Please be kind to our workers.

Far too often, I have witnessed customers taking out their frustrations and fears upon our local employees who are risking their lives to keep food and services here for us during the pandemic.

I know it’s difficult with both political parties using this as a tool for the 2020 elections. Please wear your mask and wash your hands while observing 6 feet of space or more if possible for all of us and, most of all, our very vulnerable population.

I wrote some time ago about my wife’s health conditions and my 90-year-old mother’s high-risk issues, so please work together so we all benefit.

Those working daily in our stores and markets expose themselves more than others so we can shelter in place and be safer. Please be kind to them and smile; say thank you to these brave workers who keep food and vital services available for those of us who would not make it with out them.

Try and think of those who must work to earn a living and that they also have fears and family who want them to be safe and appreciated as we all do.

Thank those who work daily to pay taxes so those who cannot may have a life and a home where they can be safe with a quality of life that would not be there without them.

Karl Ivan Olson


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