Discussion of civil rights is good for this town

After hearing that a group of high school students and their supporters were going chalk sidewalks downtown Anacortes, I decided to go and take a look.

I went downtown early this morning in hopes that the city wouldn’t have washed it off already as they did with the chalking in front of the post office. They hadn’t. I found several blocks of Commercial Avenue covered with the names of those of color that have been killed by police around the country. There were also slogans of peace, equality silence and brotherhood. I was impressed.

There were no markings on buildings, just the sidewalk and gutter. There were no partisan political statements. Judging by the amount of work that went into it, they must have had strong feelings about what is happening all too often on the streets of America.

While there, a gentleman approached me complaining that it would give Anacortes a bad name. To me, it means that some people in Anacortes care. They care about what is happening in America. 

I also saw people discussing it. That’s good, we need more discussion about civil rights and equity in today’s America.

We live in a quiet, very white town. We need to think and talk about the injustices in our country.

Robert Hall



Anacortes police officers aren’t the problem

Defund public corruption, not good cops.

Our law enforcement here in Anacortes are the finest in America, and I know this as I see them daily and work with them routinely to keep our town and community safe. 

Don’t let some rotten apples ruin the great women and men here in Anacortes who defend us 24/7 or the ones across America who do the same.

Social injustice comes from higher-ups who create rules, procedure and laws that endanger lives and go too far then try to cover up mistakes. I know my family is safe here in Anacortes because of good cops, but defunding law enforcement will only put all at higher risk.

Social injustice breeds in high government where some can feel they are above the law.

Anacortes police are courteous, kind, dedicated and absolutely law-abiding with strong ethics that produce the kind of police work all in America deserve now.

Karl Ivan Olson


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