Votes have


In this holiday season, to the Trump voters, Trump is “The Gift that Keeps on Giving.”

Trump lost the popular election for the second time in a row. That is two-for-two in the loss department and at a greater loss than the first time. Another unprecedented accomplishment by Trump.

And now, like the carnival barker he seems to portray, he is conning his followers into sending him their hard-earned money, again. Hustling at least those who still have paying jobs to support his legal defense fund. That money or an exceptionally large portion of it, he puts into his pockets, no matter when he loses the court challenges.

To this date, he has lost every challenge he has made. Trump, the alleged billionaire, keeps asking for more money. He presumably must pay his lawyers, reportedly $20,000 per day asked by Rudy Guiliani alone. (New York Times)

Then, he gets to keep the rest, perhaps several million, for golfing at his own golf courses, where he charges us, the American taxpayer, for his U.S. Secret Service. (Associated Press, Politico)

He has already squandered our country’s tax-paid resources by giving away billions to the very rich, both corporate and personal, while denying often meager life-sustaining stimulus money to hard-working American families.

In America, you are entitled to your opinion and your vote.

Remember that votes have consequences and responsibilities. Trump’s lack of leadership has resulted in over a quarter of a million COVID-19-related deaths. Trump voters should shoulder most of the responsibility for that, as well.

Mike Pearl


Cowardice to blame 

One day, after all this lockdown nonsense is over with, people will look back and wonder how we allowed the economy of this country to be destroyed by dictatorial governors.

Most people will likely not be able to answer that question — or perhaps, not be willing to face the answer. Because it pertains to their own independent judgment, which they failed to exercise — or which they were too cowardly to exercise standing on their own two feet.

The reason people allowed government to take control and micromanage our lives is because they bought into the idea of “authority,” that simply because someone is a medical authority or a political authority, what they said gave them moral and legal license to shut down production and industry, and to tell us what we must do and not do, or else.

There’s no other way to say it: When our society and civilization descend from freedom to totalitarianism, it will be the cowardice of the people that will be to blame.

Shame on the people.

Jim Ashley


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