Vote Miller for PUD Commissioner

The election this year is so important, not just federal and state races, but one of the most crucial issues we face as a community is “access to clean, affordable and accessible water for everyone,” (a quote from my good friend, Andrew Miller). Andrew is a candidate for the Skagit PUD Commissioner for District 1.

I am writing today to wholeheartedly support this endeavor.

I met Andrew when he and his family returned to the valley in 2016, and he became the business retention and expansion director at EDASC. We worked together on many areas of economic development, and I found him to be insightful on a vast array of topics.

Recently, we sat down and talked about water, and he really opened my eyes to see beyond the issues I had thought were salient. Water is at the heart of what makes Skagit County the remarkable place we all call home. As a PUD commissioner, I know Andrew will bring his collaborative spirit to ensure there is sound infrastructure, agreed vision and motivated team members.

As a community, we need to guarantee that the right leader is elected. I urge you to cast your vote for Andrew.

Stephanie Hamilton



Make the right choice in

judge race

I hope you will vote for Elizabeth Yost Neidzwski for Superior Court this November.

It is always difficult to decide on the candidates in a judicial race. If you haven’t had personal experience with either of them, the choice may seem no better than a coin toss. But this time many of the judges and commissioners who have served on the court are making their preference known. And they are behind Elizabeth.

Why should that matter to you?

First, these judges know Skagit County. They interact with Skagit County jurors, witnesses and litigants every day. They understand what the county is looking for in a judicial officer.

Second, they know what makes a good judge. They’ve presided over our boundary line disputes, homicide trials, divorces and probates. They know it takes patience, integrity, mental focus and the ability to make a decision. They clearly believe Elizabeth possesses these traits.

Finally, they know the candidates. They have read their briefs, heard their oral arguments, seen them interact with clients and watched how they behave under pressure. They have chosen to endorse Elizabeth with that in mind.

Please consider these voices of experience and elect Elizabeth.

Susan K. Cook

Skagit County

Superior Court Judge 1997-2016


Re-elect Wesen as county


Why re-elect Ron Wesen? Most importantly to help keep Skagit from becoming a charter county.

There’s a strong push for Skagit County to transition from its county commissioner form of government to that of a charter. Contrary to claims, our form of government, not perfect by any stretch, is not broken. So why try to fix something not broken because it would benefit myriad environmental, progressive and other special interest groups — not the majority of us living here.

Before moving to Skagit County, I was active in King County politics, including as a member of the King County Charter Review Commission. I got to see how bureaucratically dysfunctional and staff-heavy its charter had made all aspects of governance there: a nine-member county council too often bogged down in its decision-making processes waiting for this or that study result or committee input; the county executive role the charter created allowing one person to daily decide what the county would or wouldn’t do to support its citizenry, etc.

You only need to look at King County today to see how flawed its charter has impacted political and everyday life there.

Reelect Ron as a county commissioner to avoid charter rule and its failings.

James English



Support Wesen for county


Why should you vote for Ron Wesen, Skagit County Commissioner in District 1? He has always lived here and works with his family’s organic dairy in Bow area; understands the importance of the land and our national resources; serves on the Northwest Air Quality Board as he understands the importance of clean, healthy air; listens to all sides of every issue; and has shown he knows how to make the right decisions for Skagit County.

This is why I am voting for Ron Wesen, the best person for this important job.

Carol Lee


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