Vote yes on pool levy

I am writing to urge you to vote yes for the Maintenance and Operations Levy for Fidalgo Pool and Fitness Center. A yes vote provides money for the general maintenance and operations for a facility that is such an asset to this community.

Fidalgo Pool and Fitness Center is used by all ages for individual and group exercise on land and in the pool, swim lessons, swim teams, Special Olympics, kayaking and diving lessons, and for physical therapy treatments.

As a parent, community member, volunteer and physical therapist I have used the pool on many occasions. Personally, I’ve used it for fitness and for rehabilitation of a couple of injuries, along with swim lessons and swim team for my daughters. As a community volunteer, I’ve worked with local Special Olympics swim athletes. In my work as a physical therapist, I’ve used the pool to help people of all ages recover from injuries and improve function lost as a result of illness or injury.

Fidalgo Pool and Fitness Center truly is a facility that can be used across the spectrum of a person’s life. Support of this facility is important for the health and wellness of this community.

Sheryl Kyllo



Miller qualified to be mayor

I know one of the magical things about Anacortes is the bond we have built together as a community. And when thinking of people to lead our town, whether be it mayor, City Council or School Board, we often gravitate toward people we are connected to — people we know and like. But leading a city as vibrant and desirable as Anacortes takes more than that. It takes experience.

Experience is exactly what Matt Miller brings as a candidate for mayor of Anacortes. Besides his decades of service in the Navy where he actually served as the chief operating officer of a “city” much larger than Anacortes at NAS Whidbey, he also has invaluable experience in the private sector as a business owner. And of course, he’s raised his family here.

I know Matt personally, and I like him. But that’s not why I’m voting for him. I am voting for Matt Miller for mayor because he is above all, qualified. I encourage you to do the same.

Connie Miller



Farnsworth, McIlmoyle best for schools

One of the most important institutions of our democratic system is the K-12 education system. It is important that it works to develop citizens who think logically and critically.

In Anacortes, we can step into any classroom and see that our children are cared for physically, emotionally and intellectually. We have teachers and support staff who take their responsibilities seriously. If there are concerns from parents, they are also taken seriously and the issues dealt with. This system needs to be supported and progress made based on the needs, learning styles and futures of our children.

The history our children are learning is fact-based and thought-provoking. Our students are taught to think, not how to think. There should be no debate over whether our students should wear masks to school. They are doing fine dealing with that reality.

I find, of the candidates running for School Board positions, Diana Farnsworth and Meredith McIlmoyle have the best handle on the real issues that affect the education and well-being of our students and can serve to strengthen this institution rather than diminish it.

Ginger Orsini



Miller best for all of Anacortes

Whoever wins the mayoral race, Anacortes will remain a spot on the map, but will it be the rare town where folks remain for generations and newcomers are welcomed – naturally inclusive, diverse and with a matchless sense of community?

So who best to preserve these qualities? Because I don’t know the challengers, I must depend on “Candidate Statements” and other public information to reveal their intentions.

So the informed voter should virtually dwell on every word of information and ask about the history of:

– True breadth and quality of candidate experience and skills;

– Responsibility to entire community vs. narrow/special segments of town;

– Impulse to impose burden of social experiments that often turn places into mini-versions of say, Seattle or Southern California.

I’d say careful study points to Matt Miller as best to manage the future for the average, unaffiliated resident, via natural, organic growth.

If Anacortes loses its luster per failed social policies, where to go next?

And as a folksy sobriquet, based on his Anacortes job: “At Large Councilman” (“At Large” meaning responsible for the entire community without favoring areas/interests), I’d say “At Large” Matt Miller’s best for all the community.

Lynn Schiveley



Vote Miller for mayor

Anacortes needs Matt Miller as its mayor. Matt has the experience of being the head of a large corporation and overseeing many departments similar to the City of Anacortes.

He has a vision for the future of Anacortes that understands its needs without taking away the citizens’ rights. Matt has proven that his priorities are not just to get re-elected to office but to the citizens he represents. He will not be swayed by special interest people in coming to his decisions. He will also not support ideas and development that will turn Anacortes into Seattle.

I want someone who will make decisions for sustainable growth, understands the importance of business and its balance with the environment. Vote for Matt Miller.

Don Munks




listens, learns

Diana Farnsworth has proven she’s the right person for School Board Position 2.

Diana listened to parents when the traveling drama program at our elementary schools was inaccessible and exclusionary. She connected our local ACT to the PTAs and helped bring a more accessible program for every interested student.

Diana listened when teachers told her that some children were unable to borrow from our public library. She was resourceful and connected with our schools; now every Anacortes student has access.

When asked in a forum how she would address mental health or additional support for school counselors, she contacted them directly to ask what they needed.

Diana has experience with our school district yet doesn’t offer preconceived ideas or misconceived solutions. She listens and learns before addressing identified concerns to bring about positive change. She is who we need to support the staff who help students learn and grow, all while hearing the concerns of families who trust the schools with the care of our children.

Vote Diana Farnsworth for School Board.

Sonia Hambleton



Many reasons to support Walters

I am voting for Ryan Walters because …

If you watch the council meetings on TV, he has carefully done his homework, knows the background and pays attention to details, asks good questions, always advocates for transparency and leads the way to find solutions.

If you’ve reached out to the city for help, he gets right back to you, validates your concern and immediately gets to work addressing the problem.

If you’re on Facebook, he patiently answers questions from the community, offers important insights and is always respectful to people who don’t agree with him.

If you’re downtown, you’ll see him shopping or sitting outside at one of our local restaurants.

There is no one I trust more than Ryan to continue Mayor Laurie Gere’s legacy of friendly, open and honest city government that is forward-thinking and responsive to the public. I know he’ll take Anacortes forward — in a way that’s inspired, community-driven and in the best interests of our whole town.

My vote is with Ryan Walters. I hope yours will be, too.

Carol Miner



Walters the leader this city needs

In decades of living in Anacortes, elected officials have come and gone. Some left a shining star, others a smudge.

Ryan Walters has been a shining star throughout his tenure on the council. Why? More than many elected officials, he has been responsive. Agreeing or not, he is quick to respond, engage and listen to concerns.

I can trust his honesty about issues – including unpleasant ones (rat infestations in the neighborhood).

He cares about this town. He was planted here. His roots go deep. For our community to thrive, all economic strata need to be able to live and work here. Ryan knows the importance of balancing economic growth with affordability. He pledges to do this while protecting the character of our neighborhoods.

A walkable community is key to good health and friendly neighborhoods. Ryan understands that a smattering of safe walking places (sidewalks) in front of new construction is useless without sidewalk continuity all the way down the street.

A practical and strategic thinker, I believe Ryan Walters is the person to lead our community through rebuilding our economy and social fiber as we emerge from this pandemic.

Margaret Studer


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