Miller knows leadership

To lead Anacortes through today’s challenging times, it’s clear that Matt Miller is the candidate to pick. I have known Matt both personally and professionally for decades, and while we don’t always agree on the issues he’s always been a voice of reason.

During his Navy career and as the executive director of NAS Whidbey, Matt applied his leadership and fiscal responsibilities to improve the base while being accountable to a higher office. As a council member and mayor pro tem, Matt listened, asked and acted in a way that he truly represented all the citizens of Anacortes. Those qualities are needed now to preserve and enhance the City of Anacortes.

This election is about the leadership and stewardship of the city. Vote for someone who has already demonstrated those skills for Anacortes. Vote for Matt.

Dave Sem



Miller ready to lead city

It’s sort of an embarrassment of riches. Anacortes has two candidates running for mayor, both of whom are well-qualified with impressive resumes. But we must choose one. How fortunate we are to be burdened this “problem.”

Matt Miller has significantly more leadership experience. As a retired Navy officer, he was in charge of a military base, with 400 direct subordinates. A military base is quite a bit like a city, with its own infrastructure and support personnel, not to mention critical mission central to the well-being of our country.

Matt also was a business owner for about 15 years right here in Anacortes. He understands the economics central to running a company. No city can prosper without a strong economic base.

A mayor is first and foremost a leader. Matt Miller is a proven leader with extensive real-world experience. I feel lucky that Matt has a service heart, dedicated to the City of Anacortes. He has earned my vote.

Tim K. Garrison



Walters has the qualifications we need

I first met Ryan Walters at a Skagit County public hearing when he was the County’s civil deputy prosecuting attorney. His preparation for this hearing made a very good impression on me, and when he ran for the Anacortes City Council, it was a pleasure to vote for him.

Ryan’s work on the council has continued to impress me. Some of the many issues Ryan has been involved in include writing key components of the City’s Municipal Code and working to protect our community forest lands. He has worked to increase the transparency of the budget process so that we can see exactly how and on what our tax dollars are being spent.

During his years as civil deputy prosecuting attorney and, later, as county assistant planning director, and his service on the City Council, Ryan has developed relationships with county commissioners and staff, with members of the state Legislature, and with other Washington cities, all of which will enhance his productivity as mayor of Anacortes.

Please join me in voting for the highly qualified Ryan Walters as mayor of our beautiful City of Anacortes.

Virginia E. (Bunny) Heiner



Supports Miller for mayor

Matt Miller for Anacortes’ mayor – yes.

Why? Because I’ve worked closely with him for years now and feel I know the person he is and aspires to be. Among our many community service collaborations over the years, Matt and I have served together longest on the Skagit County Ferry Advisory Committee — 10-plus years now.

In all our collaborations, I’ve found him to be highly principled, with great integrity, who knows well how to lead, knows equally well how to get a job done and, as important, a person whose only agenda has been and remains his unwavering commitment to helping make and keep Anacortes the community we all so cherish.

Matt to me is also what a mayor must be: outgoing, personable, self-effacing, and ever-willing to be visible and welcoming to all he encounters. I believe he understands well how important it is for a public servant, especially a mayoral role, to not only manage all he must and can do for his community but, as important, to be the face of the city everywhere in every way possible. That’s why I’m unequivocally voting for Matt Miller for mayor.

James T. (Jim) English



Vote Hubik for City Council

Amanda Hubik is the right choice for Anacortes City Council Position 4. I have known Amanda for several years and have been impressed with her sincere commitment to get involved with and give back to her community.

I have personally volunteered with Amanda in support of the Friends of Skagit Beaches’ plastic reduction and recycling outreach program and the Anacortes Schools Foundation’s Ready to Learn Fair. Amanda always has a smile on her face and enjoys taking the time to listen to people.

She makes everyone feel their ideas and concerns are important. Her enthusiasm is simply contagious when she engages people on topics for which she is passionate. Amanda’s knowledge of the legislative process at the state level has been very helpful in shaping the programs and activities of the Skagit Plastics Reduction and Recycling Coalition (SPRRC). Amanda is personally committed to reducing her own plastic waste and carbon footprint. She is a leader by example.

Please join me in voting for Amanda Hubik, City Council Position 4.

Wayne Huseby



Schorr for School Board Position 2

Our family has known Erik Schorr for about five years now and consider him and his family good friends. When our children stay at the Schorr house, they always come home with adventure stories or life lessons that Erik has shared.

He teaches their children to learn through exploring and always makes them a priority. He’s active with volunteering in the schools, and education is the topic of most of our conversations.

It’s very clear he is passionate about our school district and considers the community children’s happiness just as important as his own children’s happiness. Our family gives Erik our full support for School board Position 2 and look forward to his undoubted positive contribution.

Sherean McCool



Farnsworth for School Board

Diana Farnsworth is running for Anacortes School District Board, position 2, and I am pleased to endorse her candidacy.

School Board members are charged with great responsibilities requiring experience and understanding.

Diana has all that. She has led the library’s campaign to provide free library cards to all students within the district. The district covers a much larger area than just the City of Anacortes and many families cannot afford to pay the out-of-city library fee. As a former middle school counselor, I know how important it is for every student to have access to library resources to achieve academic success.

Diana has experience working within public budgets. The board’s primary responsibility is the education of our students, but the ASD is also a $42 million-per-year business. She knows that we must fund the needed resources, while being responsible with your tax dollars.

Diana understands the students of our district. As a library volunteer, I have observed her interactions with students through her innovative library programs.

I’m confident that Diana Farnsworth will bring a thoughtful, reasoned voice to our School Board. She is someone who will be there for our teachers and students.

Kathleen Root


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