Give local group a chance to save train

As news has emerged of the Anacortes City Council’s consideration to sell the Tommy Thompson Train and allow it to be moved to California, we are witnessing a groundswell of opposition by local citizens who find this action unthinkable.

Californian Bret Iwan, the proposed purchaser of the train, has a vision to use it as an amusement ride in Lincoln, California, a city outside of Sacramento. Press reports suggest, however, that Iwan has neither the land nor the permits to bring his vision to reality. If he succeeds in purchasing the train and moving it to California, we will never see the Tommy Thompson Train again.

A newly formed citizen group, Anacortes Railway Group, is putting energy, creativity and passion into renewed efforts to preserve the Tommy Thompson Train within the City of Anacortes. I understand they have the resources and support necessary to properly display the train and someday operate it once again here in Anacortes. The Anacortes Railway Group includes a railway engineer, three construction companies, several local service clubs, nonprofits and members of the business community: a true community effort.

The Tommy Thompson Train is a local icon and a special part of our history that has brought great joy to children and adults alike. As the public learns more about the prospect of selling the train and losing it forever, the outrage is growing.

I urge the City Council to give the Anacortes Railway Group — local, homegrown, passionate citizens with a vision and a plan to keep the train here — a reasonable period of time to more fully develop and implement their plans.

It won’t cost anything to wait a little longer.

Why would you not want do this?

Peggy Flynn



Vote Miller for Skagit PUD position

I confidently recommend Andrew Miller for Position 1 on the Skagit Public Utility District Board of Commissioners. Andrew brings a wealth of knowledge and experience to Skagit County and is a native son of Mount Vernon.

He has served in the military, holds a law degree, worked in economic development and is now a Skagit County farmer. In all that he does, I know Andrew to be passionate and tenacious.

He is authentic, yet thoughtful when working with others. Andrew exemplifies leadership, ingenuity, and a profound commitment to serving our community.

Annette Pankey




voting for Yost Neidzwski

I have two suggestions for the upcoming election.

The first is to vote.

The second is to consider voting for Elizabeth Yost Neidzwski for Superior Court judge.

If you are Republican, vote. A Democrat, vote. An independent, vote. A non-affiliated, you really need to vote because plenty of folks are working to get out the vote for the first three groups. Don’t skip voting because you’re not informed. There’s plenty of that going on already.

It’s not hard to educate yourself through voters pamphlets, web searches, etc. Issues are being decided that you care about and that will affect you, so vote and have a say.

We need young people in public service who have fresh ideas and are willing to listen to people. We don’t have so much of that.

Elizabeth would bring those qualities along with energy, knowledge, and integrity. I know Elizabeth, believe in her and her campaign platform, and feel she is the best candidate. I’m not one to tell people what to do, so I am suggesting that you take a close look at voting for her. She will make a positive difference for our communities.

Gary Robinson


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