Vote Graf for City Council

Who is the “Best and Most Qualified” candidate?

I came across an interesting statement titled “Why Am I Running for Office?” by Jeff Graf, one of two candidates running for Anacortes City Council Position 4. In the statement on his website, Graf outlines the need to consider the “8 responsibilities” entrusted to our elected City Council representatives.

In the past, I voted primarily on name recognition or the individual’s popularity. But after considering elections have outcomes, specifically the delegation of authority to increase our taxes, make new laws and ordinances, regulate the use of property and decide how to spend our tax dollars, I will not abdicate that responsibility again.

The statement closes by asking voters to select the “best and most-qualified” candidate by considering; is the candidate a long-time resident, a property owner and a taxpayer? Is the candidate qualified and experienced to make informed, pragmatic decisions? Has the candidate managed a large operating budget? Will party affiliation impact her/his decisions? And, is the candidate in it for Anacortes or their political future?

After researching and considering the questions posed, my choice is clear, Jeff Graf for City Council.

Michael McClintock




dedicated to community

We appreciate Mayor Gere’s efforts opening up City Hall to all and welcoming public participation. As our next mayor, Ryan Walters will carry that progress forward.

Even before Mayor Gere was elected, I watched Ryan push the city to open public comment at City Council meetings and allow public comment on our land use processes. Do you remember when we weren’t permitted to comment at council meetings on anything that was on the agenda? Do you remember we were forbidden to talk to council members about land-use matters, because they were all considered quasi-judicial?

Ryan was instrumental in eliminating those practices. He’s led Anacortes forward on those and many other issues.

We don’t want to slip backward. We need to keep the momentum going with Ryan’s proposals for easier access to city information, such as budget, finance and planning.

Please join me in voting for Ryan Walters for mayor of Anacortes.

Marilyn Wells Derig



Vote Hubik for City Council

I am endorsing Amanda Hubik for Anacortes City Council Position 4.

I first met Amanda when she was invited to join Skagit Women’s Alliance and Network. We served concurrently on the SWAN Board for approximately 2.5 years. As board members together, it was so gratifying to watch her take the leadership skills and community dedication she honed during her time with Leadership Skagit, and focus her energy, passion and commitment to all women in the Skagit Valley. I am looking forward to her bringing this same energy and passion to the people of Anacortes.

Amanda is highly organized, she’s great at engaging others in conversation, is a skilled and considerate listener and is thoughtful and thorough in how she approaches complex and sometimes contentious issues – all qualities we need on our City Council.

I hope you’ll join me in voting for Amanda Hubik.

Janet Gifford



Schorr for School Board position 2

As a student currently enrolled at Anacortes High School, I have taken interest in the upcoming school board election. Although the students of the Anacortes School District are the ones most affected by who is elected, it seems as though their voices are some of the most underrepresented.

Despite currently being unable to vote on this matter due to my age, I would be voting Erik Schorr for Anacortes School Board director position 2.

Erik Schorr has given me, among other high school students, opportunities to develop real-world skills through his business: Anacortes Kayak Tours. By means of his business, as well as his children in the district, Erik Schorr has had the opportunity to hear the genuine and diverse thoughts of many students within the district.

In my personal conversations with him, it is clear to me that Erik Schorr does not fall into the all-too-easy radical fringes of either side of the political spectrum. He is an extremely logical and critically thinking individual who hopes to champion the students and parents of the ASD and better the school district in myriad ways.

William McClintock



Miller right choice for mayor

Please support Matt Miller in his campaign to become the next mayor of Anacortes.

Matt is a retired Navy officer/pilot whose responsibilities included serving as the executive officer of NAS Whidbey. That duty was equivalent to being the mayor of a city and all its services and provided the knowledge and skills to enable him to skillfully assume the mayoral responsibilities of Anacortes.

Additionally, Matt and his wife, Heather, owned a retail business here in Anacortes for several years. Matt has also served as a city council member and has been a very active volunteer for myriad projects that would benefit the citizens of Anacortes.

As someone who has also been involved in volunteer efforts related to Anacortes issues, I have been grateful for Matt’s work as a council member and the thoughtful, thorough manner in which he resolves points of view and addresses the better way for Anacortes to proceed. His moderate, intelligent approach stands out to me as the characteristics of someone who will benefit our city’s leadership.

Please join me in voting for Matt Miller for mayor of Anacortes.

Sharron Stringer


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