As Memorial Day 2020 approaches, we are reminded of our brothers and sisters that we honor and remember.

That their sacrifices were not in vain. Their lives were the essence of necessity for the paths they chose.

We stand here today with the air in our lungs free as that which waves the flag above our heads. Fervently and freely reminding us, we are alive.

We are essential.

We are ALL essential.

No one person travels the Earth without the aid of another in this life.

We may choose different routes but, where the rubber meets the road we come together and embrace the suck.

We persevere under the toughest of circumstances and this makes us stronger. We are ready to face the next challenge. Everyone has a skill that can assist someone who is lacking.

We are strong and essential together, because we are family.

No matter your origin, ethnicity, language or branch of service.

We are a family because we care for the soul of one another.

We are family because we have a keen insight to the hazards in this life and culture.

We are a family because through crisis, deployments, pandemics and wars we know what it is to persevere and embrace the suck.

Weathering what storms may come, enduring that which does not break us, accepting challenges and obstacles that come our way.

To our families be well, be strong, buddy check and be a friend “Embrace the suck.” Perseverance, grit and positive attitude will get us through.

Until we all meet again, take care.

Theresa Williams

American Legion Post 13, Anacortes

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